“Adoily-able” Valentine’s Day Shirt DIY!

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DIY Valentine's Day Shirt Craft

I saw this Valentine’s Day Shirt DIY in the Disney Family Fun magazine and didn’t realize how easy it would be to make. But it really was easy! This is all you need to make it:

So first take the newspaper and put it inside your shirt so the paint won’t bleed through.  Second, take the glue stick and just put glue on the big center piece so it will stick to the shirt and not move around.

Then place the doily where ever you want it on your shirt

Next you get to paint!  I found that it was easiest to tap it with the paint brush.  When I tried to brush in strokes the doily moved and the paint didn’t go on very easily.  So just try tapping up and down.

When you are done painting you can do a second coat.  I should have done even a third coat but it still looks good.

And last remove the doily from the shirt.  This part was pretty tricky.  The doily was kind of stuck on because of the glue stick and it was also really flimsy because it had paint all over it.  So just carefully pull it off.  I would suggest pulling it off right away so it doesn’t get too stuck on as the paint dries.  Then just let it lay flat to dry.  My paint bottle said to dry for 4 hours and then wait at least 72 hours before washing.  So just check your paint bottle and see what they suggest.

DIY Valentine's Day Shirt Craft

Ta-Da!  Final project!  It was seriously so easy I couldn’t believe it!  And my daughter is in love with it!  She keeps talking about how she can’t wait to wear it on Valentines Day!  I think I need to find a smaller doily and make a onesie for our little Valentine Baby that will be arriving any day!

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  2. I have seen that shirt! I somehow get 2 Family Fun magazines a month. LOL I was planning on doing a blogpost about it too on my Making it from Page to Table blog(poor neglected thing!). If I ever get around to it, I'll link to your post as well! For now, though, if you'd like to link it to my Valentine Craft Linky, I'd love it! Michelle http://www.heartfeltbalancehandmadelife.com/search/label/VALENTINE%20CRAFT%20LINKY/
  3. This shirt is too cute! I can't believe how easy it is - I may have to give it a try!
  4. That is a fabulous idea!! Super cute!!!
  5. Mary Dailey says
    I have to make some for my 3 granddaughters. Since hearts are popular all the time, they can wear them year-round! They are really adorable!
  6. Just wanted to let you know that I featured you at Making It from Page to Table with this other's who have made the doily shirt! Michelle http://makingitfrompagetotable.blogspot.com/2012/02/roundup-of-heart-doily-valentine.html
  7. Naina John says
    Its very easy to make.Your daughter is looking really cute in this hand designed top.
  8. Stephanie says
    cute idea!!
  9. This is a very cute idea and looks really simple! I will have to try this next year! I pinned it so I don't lose the post!
  10. No stinking way! This is one of the cutest DIY I've seen! That seems super easy - can't wait to try it!
  11. what a cute idea!