Want to cloth diaper, but not sure if it is for you? Check this out… +Discount Code!

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A frequent complaint I hear from parents who have ever considered cloth diapers and then ultimately decided against it is that the initial investment is just too much to put forth when they are not totally certain they will like cloth diapering.  Really, when you realize that cloth diapering is rarely much yuckier than disposable diapering because you almost never have to deal with those nasty blowouts that happen all the time with disposable diapers there really isn’t anything else to be hung-up about other than the cost.

This is why Cheeky to Cheeky Diapers has a “Try It Free Pack” program.  The program allows for parents to tryout cloth diapering in their own homes for free. 9 top brand cloth diapers, liners, inserts, and a cloth diapering pail get sent your home. Use them. Get them dirty. Wash them. And use them some more for a 30 day trial period. Then keep them all or send some back, you just get charged for what you keep. A fully refundable deposit is all that is necessary to start.

30 days is plenty of time to figure out if cloth diapering is for you, but I’ll tell you a secret *shhh, parents who try this rarely send the cloth diapers back because they find they really do enjoy cloth diapering.

For the next 30 days Cheeky to Cheeky is offering my readers 10% off your deposit (the deposit is equal to the purchase price of the diapers).  Use code: ohsosavvymom at checkout.

Here are some of the adorable “Try it Free Packs”



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  1. i am still debating using cloth diapers
  2. This is one of the best deals I've seen yet on trials. The only thing I don't like about it is the Bummis is size medium and my little one wouldn't fit that for quite some time now.
  3. It is a great deal! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Laura Y says
    This is great! I was looking for something that I could try to make sure I like it/can do it. Thanks!
  5. Janet W. says
    Wow what a great deal! too bad I missed it.