Snack Time! After School Snacks you Kids are sure to LOVE!

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Everyday, with out fail, around 2:00 p.m. my daughter comes walking into the room and says “I’m huuuuungry!” Never-mind that we just finished our lunch.  She is always needing multiple snack in the afternoon. Whether it’s an after school snack or just an afternoon snack I get tired of feeding her the same ol’, same ol’ of fruit snacks, gold fish or apple slices. So I thought up a few new snacks to try out.


Alphabet crackers

My kids are still pretty little being 4 and almost 2 so I like to use these crackers for learning time.  I write a letter or number on the cracker to teach them something new.  My in-laws got them hooked on the cheese in a can which I’m not really a fan of but they love it.  You could use peanut butter, frosting or cream cheese to substitute.  Just put a little in a pastry or icing bag with a tip and squeeze out.  If you don’t have either just put some in a plastic baggie and cut one of the corners and squeeze!


Ham and cheese sticks

For these I just used a toothpick and alternated olives, cut up lunch meat and I sliced up string cheese.  My daughter absolutely loves these!  I just give my little guy the pieces on a plate.  I don’t want him to poke himself with the toothpicks.  If your kids like to dip this would be fun to dip in some ranch dressing.

Delicious and Nutritious Smoothies

Super easy and quick to make.  Kids love them because they’re sweet, moms love the because they’re nutritious.  My kids love berry smoothies.  I use a few cubes of ice, about 6 oz. of vanilla yogurt, half an over ripe banana, enough orange or apple juice for the blender to puree the mix properly, and frozen berry blend….we never have berry smoothie leftovers. 🙂

What after school snacks are a hit with your kids?


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  1. I love your alphabet crackers! We do smoothies a is amazing what you can hide in one of those :)
  2. Peanut butter sandwiches...the perfect after school snack in our house LOL!
  3. Oh, those alphabet snacks look delicious, I would really like them as well. Your smoothie looks really delicious. I really would want it right now.
  4. Oooh yum! I don't have any kids but these snacks would be a hit with ME! LOL!
  5. Lovin' the ham and cheese sticks! so stinkin' cute!
  6. Dianna Thomas says
    We call it the guarding angle time-- snack food-- p-nut butter cracker and love the alphabet crackers gonna do them