I was mentioned in the New York Times!

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I got an email yesterday morning with an article about mom bloggers helping toy sales.  I read a little of it and then my boys needed me so I left it.  I didn’t think anything more of the article until another friend emailed me the same article and said that my blog was mentioned in it.  What??

The quote itself that they used wasn’t anything special, but just the fact that they used my little blog as an example was very cool, and surprising. 🙂
Another cool thing? The article is an Associated Press article so it will be passed around and published on a bunch of different publications.  A lot of hard work and long hours go into the behind the scenes work of this blog, and it is nice to have this kind of payoff.

Here is the article in case you’re interested:



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  1. Congratuations! That's HUGE!! xo http://bresbaubles.blogspot.com
  2. SUPER COOL! Congrats :)
  3. Wow! Congrats! I would be so thrilled! :)
    • Angela, I was very surprised that my blog would be noteworthy enough to include. There were plenty of other bloggers who reviewed the item they quoted me about. It has been a great blessing that came at the perfect time.
  4. Very COOL!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!! Connie G CGruning at aol(dot)com
  5. How exciting!! Congrats!!!
  6. So cool! Congratulations :)
  7. Very cool - what a nice surprise for you! Merry Christmas! Watch your following soar!
  8. I saw!!!! :) I was like, hey, I "know" her! :) lol ok so I just read your blog and link up my giveaways but same thing. haha
  9. Congratulations, Amy! That's wonderful.
  10. That's amazing! I'm sure it will get your blog name out there even more!
  11. Thank you for all the support this year! I really appreciate all you have done for my "Read With Max" book series. You have a great blog and glad to have been apart of it in 2011.
  12. Congrats!!! How super exciting!!!!
  13. congrats! that is awesome!
  14. Congrats Amy! I guess it's an amazing feeling :)