GroVia All-In-One #ClothDiapers – Review

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I’ve heard the GroVia All-In-One’s praises sung by so many cloth diapering moms that I finally had to try one for Little Brother.  Can I just tell you that if this had been one of the first cloth diapers in our stash, this diaper probably would have comprised the majority of our stash.  The fit is very trim (even with the soaker snapped in), the crotch is somewhat narrower than most of our other diapers.  This hasn’t posed any problem with leaking.  I absolutely love the stretchy side tabs.  They make the diaper very trim around the waist and allow you to get a perfect fit.

Compared with some other diapers we have, the rise is low. (My little guy is almost 31 lbs. so he is at the upper weight range for this diaper.)  I have to admit though that I really like the low rise on this diaper. For my big bellied child, low-rise diapers usually allow his pants to fit around his belly better.

Because the diaper is an all-in-one it is extremely easy to wash.  After the diaper is worn, there is no need to pull out a wet or dirty insert.  Just throw it straight in the laundry bag, wash, dry on low or medium (or hang dry), fold the insert back into the diaper, and you’re good to go.

The soaker insert snaps on to the standard insert for additional absorbency.

The inside of the diaper is comprised of an organic cotton soaker pad and is lined with cotton.  I was a little concerned that the cotton would be kind of rough like it is on my Gro-Via Organic Cotton Soaker Pads for the Gro-Via Shell.  It is not at all scratchy and is actually softer than any of my other inserts.  It does stain easily, but, hey, it’s a diaper.

Because Little Brother is currently potty training–well, mostly daytime potty trained–we have only used this diaper at naptime and nighttime.  Little Brother is not a heavy wetter so he’s never tested the limits of GroVia AIO’s absorbency, but even with tummy sleeping we have not had any leaking.

Priced at $22.99 the GroVia AIO is right in the mid-price range for cloth diapers.  They are one size so they’ll fit your child from about 10 lbs-35+ lbs.

Disclosure: I received the above-mentioned diaper by the company, at no cost to myself, in order to facilitate a review.  The opinions expressed are honest and are entirely my own.


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  1. I used fuzzibunz when I had my little guy, but heard about Grovia later after having him. They sound great, and I have heard so many amazing things about them!
  2. Love me some fluffy butt! I have also heard good things about GroVia but haven't had the chance to try them! Glad to hear you liked them!
  3. I just received my first GroVia and cannot wait to prep it! I also won a newborn GroVia diaper that is making me yearn for a newborn to put in it ;)
  4. We cloth diaper and I would love a trim diaper. I havnt heard of the grovia but I like that's it's made with orgo cotton and that it's an aio!
  5. Grovia makes a great diaper and the AIO is so nice. We just got a shipment in. If anyone is thinking about purchasing some use coupon code "purebaby" at checkout at for 10% off.
  6. I'm currently waiting for mine to come in and can't wait to use it.
  7. Janet W. says
    Looks super comfy and fits your little guy well!
  8. we are expecting our first child in may and i have been thinking about doing cloth diapering. my husband is not on the wagon for this idea, but i think i can push him this way. i mean come on, look how cute they are.
  9. Cloth diapers are the new "in" thing. they are not only adorable, but user friendly, eco friendly and a huge money saver. Expecting our first baby this may, and im thinking about cloth diapering!!
    • My husband wasn't really on the wagon either. He wasn't against it, just indifferent. It took a little while, but I know he's glad of the decision because he occasionally likes to say "oh, we cloth diaper our kids" the same way a person would name drop. LOL Cloth diapers is certainly a decision I don't in the least regret.
  10. I wish I had these when my son was first born it would of saved me money and would of been easier for him to wear