Entertain Friends and Family with the sidesplitting Reverse Charades game! Review & GivAway!

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I love active, group games, and I love it when it can involve my young family. I was way excited when asked if I would review a new game called Reverse Charades. It seemed like a perfect activity for when we had guests here for Thanksgiving.

A little bit about Reverse Charades. They have an “Original” edition, but what really caught my eye was the “Junior” edition for 6 years and up. Here’s how you play, per their website.

Split into teams of three or more. Be creative – brown vs. blue eyes, right vs. left-handed, dark vs. milk chocolate lovers.
Decide on a number of rounds or a point target to win.
1 word guessed correctly = 1 point. Each team has one minute to guess as many words as possible. If the acting team doesn’t like a word, they can pass – but only one pass per round.
Each team selects a guesser (everyone gets a turn guessing) and the rest of the team acts out the words. The other team holds the word cards for only the actors to see and flips the enclosed timer.
Shhh! Not a peep among the team members acting. You lose a point if you speak or “mouth” any words to each other or the guesser. Use of objects (or even people) in the room is definitely permitted.
Ready, set, go! Tally up points each round on a scorepad. The first team to your target wins (unless, of course, your team is losing – then you can always suggest extending “one more round”)!

Here is a clip capturing the fun of the original Reverse Charades.

As hoped, this turned out to be the perfect game for the Thanksgiving crowd. Grandpa and my two boys (ages 5 and 7) started playing and immediately my siblings, ages 14,16,and 18, joined in. They were having a blast!

I love how this game involves so many people, and that the age span is unlimited. I chose the junior edition wanting my boys to be able to play this with us. The age recommendation seemed right on. It was great for my 7 year old, but a bit too difficult for my 5 year old. Charades requires you to be able to see things from other peoples point of view. This is a bit much for my 5 year old, but it was fun to see my 7 year old working on that skill.

The words are simple and yet still fun. And there are over 700 words so you will always have “new words.”! This was seriously a blast! We will be playing this for quite a while! It is no wonder Reverse Charades has won a slew of awards (like the coveted Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Seal award, NAPPA Gold Seal, Creative Child Game of the Year Award, Dr. Toy Best Vacation Product and Tillywig Laugh out Loud awards)!

You can now get the Junior and Original editions of Reverse Charades at over 300 specialty stores in the U.S. as well as online at reversecharades.com or Amazon.com as an affordable, memory-building gift of fun for only $23.99.

 Win It!

Reverse Charades is giving one of my readers their choice of the Original Reverse Charades or Reverse Charades Junior!

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  1. Alisha Kostiuk says
    I think my kids would like it because it could be a game we could all play together as a family
  2. Jennifer Lachman says
    I think my family would love this because it will be something new and different for family game night.
  3. My kids love to play games and I like that this looks like fun for us parents too! :-)
  4. Brittany Boardley Renaldi says
    We would like it because it's different than all the other games we play.
  5. deanna_boocock says
    Just knowing that part of the profits goes towards local hospitals would be enough.
  6. We would love it because it is unlike any other game that we own
  7. This looks like a game where we can get our extended family up and active. It seems fun.
  8. I like that adults can play this game with kids and both can have fun.
  9. I would like it because we need a game that is funny and full of laughter.
  10. Liz Robinson says
    I would like the game because we love game nights.
  11. Stephanie Phelps says
    My kids would love it because they would be able to be creative and to watch mom and dad be silly.
  12. Shauna Torres says
    Stand Up looks like it would be fun
  13. Oh my goodness, my family would LOVE this game! I got a great laugh out of watching your video and immediately wanted this game for my family - especially in time to play when we are all together at Christmas. We are a bunch of crazies, so this would be right up our ally. We've got a few young ones who wouldn't be able to play yet (even the jr version), but I'm certain they would enjoy watching their parents/aunts/uncles/cousins/grandparents get goofy and competitive with the regular version!
  14. JHollyhock (aka Jennifer) says
    We would all have a blast trying to act things out and laughing our heads off. :-) Looks fun!
  15. My kids are already goofy and this would be perfect for them.
  16. Carrie Phelps says
    I think we would love it because we wouldn't be able to stop laughing!
  17. Melanie Mervin says
    I think my family would love this because it would be a fun game that would give us a few laughs!
  18. I love that everyone has to act it out together with no talking. What a great party activity!
  19. Donna Marie says
    I think it will be fun because everyone gets to be silly. ageorgiamomma@gmail.com
  20. Jennifer L. says
    This would be a great game for my family because you play in teams so it's great for the younger ones.
  21. Our family loves all games that spark a good debate or competition! We would have a blast!
  22. I think this would be a great family game with a lot of laughs!
  23. My family would love this because it's fun and so interactive and different than your usual sitting at the table game!
  24. I think my family would like this because it is interactive and we can all play. Thank you!
  25. Julie Lundstrom says
    This looks like alot of fun and for different ages so we all can play together.
  26. Would love to win this because my family loves to play games ontariohappychick at gmail dot com
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    I think this would keep us all involved! I love that all age groups can have fun with it.
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  29. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says
    We love playing active games like this...looks like so much goofy fun!
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    This game looks like a blast. It would be great for our family get togethers
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    We have so much fun playing games together, this would only add to the fun. It looks hilarious.
  33. David Gossett says
    My family would love this. I love that they have put creativity into this and put a spin on this game. It looks so funny. dvdgossett915@gmail.com
  34. Haha the video is funny! The clues for baton twirler were great! I think this game would be a lot of fun since a whole team of people are acting things out!
  35. I think my family would like this game because it would get everyone laughing and we could all play together.
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    This game looks like a lot of laughs and a great team builder
  41. My family would love this because its a game that gets you out of your seat!
  42. Ann Marie Walker says
    I think my family would love this because it is a game we can all play and they would love it because it is very interactive and keeps everyone moving and I'm sure it would keep them laughing alot too .
  43. renee walters says
    My family plays a game every night at dinner, so this would be a fun change! Happy holidays! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway! Renee Walters Bored2quickly@hotmail.com
  44. melissa miller says
    When you buy Reverse Charades, a portion of the price supports efforts to bring laughter to kids and their families at Children’s Hospitals.
  45. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says
    we all like hamming it up and this would be so fun vmkids3 at msn dot com
  46. My family loves games especially charades so we would love this. And we can get an app for it too!
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    this new game its very original. it will be great to get it and share more family time with it
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  49. Kellie Conklin says
    I think we would love this game because it looks hilarious and really involves everyone at the same time! I also love that they have apps so that the game can be brought with on the go and the French version would be interesting as well! Thanks!
  50. i think this would be a great game for my family because a lot of them do not like board games. This seems like the perfect game for us.
  51. Jessica Anderson says
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