Easy, inexpensive DIY gift for your child’s Elementary School Teacher

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I realized last week that I hadn’t thought about what I was going to give Big Brother’s Pre-K teacher for Christmas.  Having not budgeted a teacher’s gift into my Christmas budget I had to figure out something inexpensive.  Our teachers are very important in our children’s lives so I also wanted it to be a special gift.  I found the perfect little project to make for my son’s teacher.

All the classrooms down the hall from my son’s class have a cute teacher’s plaque hanging outside the door.  My son’s teacher, however, does not have one.  This cute craft was so easy to make and will look great hanging outside her classroom.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial:

For this project you’ll need:

a plain, unfinished picture frame (you can determine the size you think will work best for you)

a new pack of crayons

foam letter stickers


small paintbrush

hot glue

hanging wire (optional)

This project cost about $8, plus I had leftovers that I’ll be able to use for something else. 🙂

Here is how to make it:

1). Put 2 coats of paint on the frame as well as on the wood backing (the part that usually goes behind the picture).  I had Big Brother help me with this part.

2). Place foam letters on the frame.  Make sure everything fits the way you want it to before peeling the paper off the sticky backside.  When you’re satisfied with the way it looks go ahead and peel off the sticky backs and place the foam stickers on.

3).  This will be the trickiest part.  You’ll need to cut the crayons so that you can make the first letter of the teacher’s last name.  I found that if I just cut the bottoms of the crayons at about the “y” in “crayola”.  I used a kitchen knife to cut the crayons.  Cut the tops off the crayons so the tops are the same length as the bottoms you just cut.  When you are happy with the way the placement looks, glue the crayons on to the picture backing.

4).  Put the letter into the frame and attach a hanging wire to the back.  I chose a larger gauge wire and wrapped the around a pen to get the curly effect.



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