Easy and Elegant Christmas Wreath DIY

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Easy, Elegant Christmas Wreath

If you don’t yet have a Christmas wreath hanging on your front door, now it the time to make one?  Make one?  Yeah, it is super easy! Why now?  Because stores like Michael’s have all their Christmas stuff 50-60% off, making this a super cheap DIY.

Here is how to make a super classy DIY Christmas wreath:

Depending on the size of the wreath (the imitation pine wreath will only cost you $2-$4) you buy you’ll need 6-10 floral picks of varying sizes.  You can also buy an imitation floral bouquet and remove the flowers to use for your wreath. You’ll also need some wired ribbon.

18″ wreath shown

Arrange the picks any way that suits you. 🙂

Instead of measuring the ribbon, loosely drape it around your wreath and cut where it completes the circle.  Arrange the ribbon so that it gently flows around the wreath, tucking it under the pine branches and picks here and there.

If you’d like you can add a bow.  The bow I made is super simple.  Just tie a bow three times.

Wrap the extra ribbon hanging off one end around the center for a nice clean look.   Tuck it into your wreath where it will best provide balance to the wreath.

When you have everything right where you want it use a hot glue gun to glue it all in place.

This classy DIY Christmas wreath will look beautiful on your front door or inside your house, and will last you for years!

Total time spent making: 20 minutes!

Total cost: $6.00

Easy, Elegant Christmas Wreath

Just in case you’d like more classy DIY Christmas wreath ideas, here is another I made a few years ago (I apologize the picture quality is so bad):

This is a 24″ wreath and has a little more going on.


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  1. Wow Amy! Love it. I might just hit micheals next time I am in the area.
  2. They are lovely :0)
  3. Wow, that's beautiful! You make it look so easy.
  4. Wow, these came out really nice. I was just thinking that I should run to the craft store and buy up some of the discounted Christmas stuff. I'll see if they have any wreaths. I have 4 doors alone on my porch and would love to put one on each door. Thanks for the inspiration.
  5. Juli Guthrie says
    Love it! I've been trying for years to make a wreath and mine never turn out that well!
  6. Juli Guthrie says
    Love it! I've been trying for years to make a christmas wreath and mine never turn out that well!
  7. Looks really nice! I will try to make one for Christmas this year
  8. What a transformation--my favorite is th 2nd wreath with the poinsettas. Glad I found this post as Christmas is only 3 months away, and I am determined to start early with DIY projects. Thanks ou!
  9. Those are beautiful wreaths! I've made a wreath and somebody stole it off my front door. I'd like to make another one. Thank you amy for the great DIY project! :)
  10. Awesome! This looks super easy. I am too cheap to buy a pre made wreath, and I have been looking for something easy. Pinning this one.
  11. Priscilla Benavides says
    I'm going to be trying this for sure! I have been wanting a wreath for our home!!