December 2011 Gets Two Thumbs Down

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Okay, so that was a dramatic title, I know.  I’m generally a very mellow, even tempered person, but sometimes I just need to be a bit dramatic.  There have been plenty of wonderful things during the month of December, and thank goodness for that, because the overall theme of the month has been pain and sickness.  Blah.

It all started December 6th with an ill fated dentist appointment.  I knew it was going to be unpleasant but I had no idea the unpleasantness would be of such long duration.  At my dentist’s visit I had 5 fillings and a crown done.  That’s enough to put anyone out for a few days.  I counted on that.  What I didn’t count on was the fact that my mouth would completely freak out after the procedure.  You see, about 10 years ago I had jaw surgery to fix an “open bite”.  Basically, the surgeon cut off my upper jaw where my gums connect with my lip, shaved off some bone in the back, and re-attached everything.  I couldn’t eat solid food for 2 months, and it was about a year before my mouth was free of pain.  It was great.  Well, since the dental procedure (now 3 weeks ago) I’ve been revisiting some of my old mouth pain.  All my scar areas hurt.  I can manage the pain with a couple extra strength tylenol, but I have about 30 minutes of sheer pain about every 4 hours when the tylenol wears off before the next couple kick in.

Because I’m a glutton for punishment just about a week after the dentist appointment, I had a mole biopsied for melanoma.  It was rather large–not as large as last time–and required a number of stitches.

Thankfully, I was already on tylenol.  The results came back negative.  Big Brother thinks it is pretty cool, but Little Brother says, “Don’t see it!  Too scary!” I still can’t lay on that side of my back, but I get my stitches out tomorrow.

But, I knew all of that would be better before we went to Dallas for Christmas so I could have a completely enjoyable time with my family….It all worked out perfectly, right? Um, no.  Just three days before we went to Dallas Big Brother came down with a terrible cold.  Fever for 3 days, lethargic, no appetite, nasty cough, you know the drill.  The day before we left Little Brother came down with the cold, the day after we got there The Husband came down with the cold.  Everyone made it through okay except for Little Brother.  You see, when Little Brother is sick he transforms into some sort of little gremlin.  Of course I feel sorry for him, but at the same time I’m also throwing up my arms is total exasperation.  When Little Brother ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.  We ended up cutting our trip short and coming home early.

I staved it off for about a week.  Now I am languishing.  Happy Holidays.

On the bright side there were many things this month that I am very thankful for:

  • Despite the sickies (and the gremlin child) we had a wonderful visit with our family in Dallas
  • I love Christmas, and with it the added motivation/encouragement to focus on Christ
  • My blog was mentioned in an associated press article, giving me a little confidence boost, renewed determination, and some fun opportunities
  • My mole biopsy came back negative
  • The Husband had a whole week off to spend with the family

And because this post isn’t long enough already here are a few pictures of our fun time.

Big Brother and his cousins performing the Nativity Story

Me and the boys wearing our Christmas cracker crowns

Big Brother with his new pirate ship

Little Brother and his new cutting set

My boys


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  1. oh wow you poor thing i couldnt imagine, theres always good with the bad unfortunately. very cute pics! I hope you have a wonderful 2012!!!!:)
  2. Sounds a bit like my whole 2011 ;) I hope you have a much better 2012!
  3. Wow! You have seriously had a crazy month! I hope things are getting better though!
  4. Glad that you received good results from your tests. I think the month of December can put everyone over the edge. I went from having a stomach virus to a horrible sinus infection, plus all the festivities of the holidays. This week is a time for much needed rest!
  5. Breathe in, Breathe out, Breathe in, Breathe out. Nice and slow, Good, now don't stop! It will come to an end and you will look back at this with a slight grin and roll you eyes at the shear chaos. (That is what I keep having to remind myself.)
  6. I'm with you, 2011 gets two thumbs down from me as well! LOL! So sorry for all the health issues you've been dealing with, hope you're feeling better now. On the bright side, I love your photos - I don't often see Christmas Crackers in the US so I like the cute photo of you guys in your crowns!
  7. I hope this December is going much better for you!
    • LOL. I was actually thinking about this last year. I couldn't remember what we did for Christmas. I had to think for a little while and then all of a sudden the memories came flooding back. It seems I'd blocked it out in favor of happier times. Yes, this December is going Much better!