Wordless Wednesday – Halloween Fun!

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Wolverine and the little doggy

Found some friends out trick or treating!

Our little doggy surprised us by loving trick or treating!

Once it got dark he just couldn't get over how cool the moon was. "MOON!"


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  1. So fun! It got pretty cold here by the time the sun went down, but it got all the way up to 60 during the day. Perfect Halloween day. I love when they get so excited about the sky.
  2. So cute!! Love the costume!
  3. Cute pics!! Happy Wednesday!
  4. Love the Wolverine costume! I miss Halloween already... :(
  5. Just adorable! Are you in the US? Looks busy out in the streets! Halloween is becoming more and more popular each year here in Australia.
    • Yep, we're in Texas. This is our first Halloween here in this neighborhood and I was amazed at how many people went all out with decorating their houses. I've never seen a neighborhood as busy with trick or treaters as this one was.