Super Undies! * #FluffyXmas Sponsor Spotlight*

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Super Undies first caught my eye almost a year ago as I searched for night time trainers for my then 3 year old.  I’ve found that as far as cloth diapers go, a majority of the brands are fairly similar in fabric and design.  No so much with the cloth trainers I’ve tried thus far.  Super Undies are quite unique among cloth trainers in the materials used for the tabs and the inner lining.  Both are made with lycra (think competition swimsuits).  The inner lining is a lycra poly blend and the tabs are lycra.  I don’t think it makes that much of a difference what the inner lining is made out of, but the lycra tabs mean the Super Undes are trim, fit under slim pants, and look more like underwear.

Super Undies have a layer of microfiber sewn in and a waterproof PUL outer to catch accidents.  Super Undies has 3 different trainer “models”: the pocket potty training pants, the pull-on potty training pants, and the nighttime potty training pants.  I was sent a Pocket Potty Training Pant to review.  I chose the Pocket Potty Training Pant because, at 21 months, Little Brother is at the beginning of his potty training experience.  The Pocket Potty Training Pants have 3 snaps in the back of the pant on each side for easier mess clean-up should there be a messy accident.

In addition to the 1 sewn-in layer of microbiber, the Pocket Potty Training Pants can accommodate a “step-up” insert for additional absorbency.  The 1 layer of microfiber is enough to catch one accident or two small accidents.  Since I take his trainers off and have him sit on the potty if I find out he’s peed in his “underwear” and since he still wears his cloth diapers at naptime, I haven’t yet needed to use the step-up insert.  I will definitely utilize this when I take him out on errands in his trainers.  I haven’t done this yet, but he showed us today he’s ready for that step! Yay!

I can’t recommend Super Undies enough.  If you are looking for a waterproof cloth pull-up trainer that is cute, trim, easy to pull on and off then definitely check out the Super Undies website.

Super Undies will be a part of my Merry Fluffy Christmas Prize Pack so be sure to stop back by Dec. 1-5!


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  1. I am going to begin cloth diapering -- I appreciate all the tips and help you've given! Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net
  2. love our pair of superundies! I will for sure be coming back to enter this!
  3. The nighttime SuperUndies didn't work for us at all - the elastic waistband snapped, they leaked (even though I got the right size), and they were incredibly bulky when my (tall) daughter had them on . . . I won't be purchasing again - too bad, I'm still looking for a good nighttime cloth option.
    • Anne, that's too bad that the night time SuperUndies didn't work. Though I didn't feature them in Merry Fluffy Christmas, my absolute favorite nighttime trainers are Ladder Hill Designs, Tinkle Time Trainers. I use them with my own hemp inserts. They are not terribly trim--I'm not sure if any night time trainers are--but they are not as bulky as some. Here is the link: There are a lot of licensed Tinkle Time seamstresses, but I recommend the ones made by ladder hill. If you've already tried these let me know what you thought of them.