Immune System Support this Winter with BioK+ Probiotics – Review

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Protecting our kids from flus and colds is a priority at all times but particularly when they’re back to school.   It’s a vicious circle of passing cold and flu germs from one to the other.  While in the past, lots of fruits and vegetables would have been enough, today there are so many new and stronger viruses that we have to make sure our families are protected and our immune systems stay strong.  That’s why we’re seeing so much about probiotics as they pop up in all sorts of foods; cereal, bread, orange juice and more.

Probiotics are the good bacteria that take over the bad when your intestinal system is weakened by antibiotics, stress, poor nutrition or any other negative factor.  Probiotics work by protecting our gastrointestinal tract and stomach from the bad bacteria by crowding them out.  This improves our digestion and elimination as well as keeping us balanced and making us less susceptible to viruses.

But, not all probiotics are created equal, and their effectiveness can vary dramatically.   It’s can be a little confusing, and figuring it out requires a little effort.  Here are some tips to finding a good probiotic:

  1. Make sure that the probiotic you’re choosing is supported by clinical studies and that the studies were done on the finished product and not just the bacterial formulation.  The reason for this is because the finished product has been tested and its effectiveness is guaranteed at time of consumption.
  2. It’s critical for the bacteria to be alive and in the proper amount, if not, probiotics won’t work.

In the case of Bio-K Plus, a brand to watch in the probiotics field, its probiotic capsules have an enteric coating to survive the journey down the digestive tract and into the stomach (unless they are coated, probiotics often cannot survive our stomach acid).  Its probiotic supplements have also undergone numerous clinical trials and its testing is done on the finished product as you find it in stores, which confirms its reliability and effectiveness. Bio-K Plus capsules come in formulations that contain 12.5, 25 and 50 billion bacteria each and the Bio-K Plus bottle of culture contains 50 billion friendly bacteria.   Its latest probiotic supplement made with organic sprouted rice is free of dairy, wheat, corn, and soy and it’s certified organic.  It is also the ideal probiotic for Celiacs and anyone with food sensitivities.   As well, Bio-K Plus is certified gluten-free.  It’s offered in various fermented substrates:  Dairy, Soy and Organic rice.

We received a 6 pack of the dairy strawberry flavor Bio-K+ to review.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect as far as taste is considered since I’d never had a probiotic drink that wasn’t yogurt based.  It actually tasted a lot like the yogurt drinks I’d had before, just slightly stronger.  The little boys love them too!  You should have seen Little Brother slurping away trying to get every last drop.

I’m not new to probiotics.  I’ve done my own reasearch about the efficacy of probiotics.  When my boys were babies and toddlers they both had numerous food sensitivities.  Food sensitivities can wreak havoc on the digestive system, and I tried to make sure that my boys had a steady stream of probiotics to help help their digestive systems regain a balance.

It is very comforting to know that the probiotic strains in Bio-K Plus are coated to survive their entire digestive journey.  It is also nice to know that the strains have gone through clinical trials on the finished product.

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  1. I've never heard of these, we love yogurt here, but this sounds like another way to get in probiotics. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Jennifer Clay says
    I have heard about probiotics! before. My girls LOVE yogurt so I am very glad to learn that this is a way to get probiotics!
  3. We usually get ours from yogurt, so thanks for educating me on another way to get probiotics.
  4. I've had probiotic supplements and I've had yogurt drinks, but I've never had a probiotic drink before! Sounds tasty!
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