Homemade Holiday

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I have heard about these in the past and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law are actually doing one this year. What a Homemade Holiday is, is when you actually make all your presents to give to each other. This way you focus more on the individual you are giving to. This makes Christmas all the more special. I love the idea but I am really not that creative to make all my presents on my own. Everyone would get a photo calendar I made online! However, ever since my daughter was born I have tried to make one of her presents each year so it means something more. (Not that a 4 year old is going to know but hopefully when she gets older she will understand and feel the love I put into it!)

  So one year I made pajamas for her
The next year a blanket

And this year I made hooded towels for my kids.

Have you ever done a Homemade Holiday? Do you have any homemade present ideas to add?


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  1. That is what my kids are doing for each other this year. They each got assigned a sibling for Christmas. I looked over the internet and found several "craft" ideas for them to do for their person. Convenient for me, they all chose the same one to do for each other. It is a "treasure box," but it is awesome since the person making it gets to paint, put stickers on, whatever they like to make it special for their person. I am making my husband a solar oven this year :). My husband and I aren't making the gifts for our kids this Christmas, but that isn't too far off in the future. We do however try very hard to get them something they would enjoy, but also something that would improve them in some way. i.e. we are getting my older son (7) a model car set he can paint and assemble, and my next son a painting book (he is all about art), and my 2 year old and 1 year old girls, probably just a toy at this age :). We always try to keep Christmas very small and focus more on why we have Christmas and giving the "same" or "more" to others.
  2. My sister made some of these for my kids when they were little and now that her kids are little and she has not time for sewing i am going to make them for her jenzen69atyahoodotcom
  3. I wish I knew how to sew!
  4. you made all that????? wow, i am the least crafty person alive!!!! LOL i am jealous
  5. My 12 year old son has actually been making all of his gifts this year. He's made beaded jewelry and tie-dye apparel and hand drawn cards. He's super proud and I, of course, think it's more special because they were made by him.
  6. Naina John says
    No I have never done this. I love ur idea. It adds personal touch.
  7. I do this for my son's family from the images of the past year... to see how they have grown in a year.
  8. You did a great job on making those gifts. I wasn't blessed with a talent for sewing but one of my sister's is. She made me an M&M quilt for Christmas a few years ago. I love & cherish it. My daughter and my future son-in-law made me a scrapbook with all my fave pics. Homemade gifts are the best because I know a lot of love went into making them. When my daughter was about 11 we made Christmas frames for everyone then put our Christmas photo in them. That was so much fun! My other sister is an artist. I'm just not a creative type person. I can make some awesome Christmas sugar cookies though. It's fun reading everyone's comments. Have A Great Day! :)
  9. I think these themed holiday things are a great idea, but I've only gone to handmade when I really, REALLY didn't have a budget to do otherwise. I've made little purses for all the little girls in the family - made with pockets off old jeans. I just added a snap (because I had some already) and used part of the seam for a strap. I also embroidered initials onto them. This year I'm planning to make corn bags for all the adults on my list. Everyone needs a corn bag!
  10. Blessie Nelson says
    I love that idea...esp making apple jams and cookies like Nigella does :)