#HolidayGiftGuide Morph-O-Scopes Review and GivAway!

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When you were little did you ever play with writing or drawing things backwards so that they would appear correct when you looked a them in the mirror? OOZ & OZ Morph-O-Scope is just that except on steroids. Here is what their website has to say about Morph-O-Scopes:

“Morph-O-Scopes will blow the mind of any kid from age 5 to 95.

They won 25 top toy awards and universal kudos from educators, parents, kids, tweens, teens and adults alike.

They’re optical illusion coloring pages inspired by an intriguing 16th Century Chinese mirror invention.

Think fun house – only in reverse. Picture mysterious, distorted coloring pages and mirror decoders.

Kids color in weird shapes on the paper to make color appear in the right shape in awesome reflections.

Right brainers adore the new twist on coloring. Left brainers love figuring out how the morphs are made!


· Provide excellent independent, brain-powered play and stimulating visual fun for kids of all ages.

· Ignite imagination, challenge reasoning, test spatial intelligence and exercise eye-hand skills.

· Are totally portable, easy-to-assemble, non-messy entertainment. No batteries needed!

· Are made in America, completely child-safe, and meet or exceed existing CPSC safety standards.

· 25 top toy awards and universal kudos from educators, parents, kids, tweens, teens and adults alike.”

I got the Circus Kit for my boys. I was excited about this one because it had two decoding mirrors and quite a few coloring pages, along with a few activity pages. My boys (7 and 5) absolutely LOVED these! They sat down and had them all done in less than an hour!

Here they are working on some of the coloring pages.

Here is one that my five year old did:

Here is what it looks like on paper:

Here is what it looks like in the decoder:

Fun, huh?!

The activity pages were a bit hard for them. I think most teens and older kids would have a great time with some of the activity pages. They were even challenging for me. One activity is you were given 4 dots on a piece of paper and you were suppose to draw a cross (or plus sign) as reflected in the decoder, yeah, not as easy as it sounds.

The only thing I would have done differently is follow the guidance of using the pages they sent as master copies. That is right, you are allowed to make any and as many copies of these pages as you would like. That way you kids and continue to do them over and over again! I wish I read that before my boys colored ALL of them, oh well.

You can purchase Morph-O-Scopes coloring sets at OOZandOZ.com starting at just $7.99.

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As a part of our Holiday Gift Guide, OOZ and OZ is giving one of Oh So Savvy Mom’s readers their choice of Morpho-O-Scope product!

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