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I’m not a very crafty person, especially when it comes to kids crafts.  I love doing fun stuff with my boys, but when it comes to coming up with fun kids craft ideas for Big Brother, I’m totally at a loss.  I feel completely overwhelmed when I walk into craft stores. I don’t know where to start with all that stuff.

I swear I heard angels singing when I learned about Crafty Parent.  Crafty Parent was designed for parents and caregivers like myself in mind.  Crafty Parent is a monthly kids craft subscription.  They provide all you need for 4 weeks of crafts, cooking projects, and fun activities.

The idea for Crafty Parent came from Jay Roberts, a stay-at-home dad who, in 2005, started looking for crafts for his two-year-old daughter. After a few months, he had assembled an impressive closet full of craft supplies, but had few instructions on what to do with them. He tried ordering craft kits online, but found that most of these kits turned out to be nothing more than foam pieces that needed to be glued together.

I was excited when I learned of Crafty Parent, and I was extremely impressed when I received my shipment from Crafty Parent.  I had no idea of what to expect as far as craft choices and the quality of materials provided.  When I opened the box and pulled out all the materials for the month my initial thought was, “Heck ya! I’ve got to subscribe to Crafty Parent and keep these packages coming!”.

Starter Box includes: Chef's Apron to color, Idea Jar, Me Board, Felt Pattern and Picture Board

The crafts and materials they send are quality.  I estimate that I’d spend about $6-$7 for each of the crafts they sent if I went out and bought all the materials myself.  Here is a description of everything you receive with Crafty Parent:

  • Four crafts, supplies and instructions
  • Four recipes for snacks and family meals
  • Four activities that utilize everyday items
  • BONUS: Occasional silly songs or kid-sized cooking utensils

Had I gone out and bought all the craft supplies myself I’d have spent between $24 and $28 for everything Crafty Parent provided.  That doesn’t include my time, gas I’d use driving, and frustration I’d experience. Crafty Parent is only $29.99 per month!

The crafts, recipes, and activities are perfect from preschool age and up.

Painting his Me Board

So proud of his creation!

Subscriptions are available to purchase in month-to-month, 3 month, 6 month, and one year options.  Crafty Parent is one of those awesome gifts that just keeps on giving.  It is the perfect gift for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and parents who are looking for a great gift idea for kids.

Win It!

CraftyParent.com is giving one reader a Starter Craft Kit (the same one I received) filled with one month of crafts, recipes, and fun activities!

Disclosure: I was provided with the above-mentioned product, by the company, at no cost to myself. The opinions expressed are honest and are entirely my own.


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  1. Julie Lynn Bickham says
    I love how each month you get a new craft project! All 3 of my children love crafts, what an awesome idea!
  2. I like the kid recipes!
  3. seriously the idea of everything coming together in KITS is FABULOUS...I fail at being the crafty mom, but this would totally help
  4. I like that their boxes offer just the right amount of supplies.
  5. I like that they have kids recipes.
  6. i like that they give you the rigth amount of stuff. I feel like I am collecting a bunch of stuff I'll never use again just b/c we needed a few things
  7. I like that the packs include not only crafts but recipes too. A great combo.
  8. Everything is in one box, affordable, kid-tested and fun!
  9. I love that all projects contain step-by-step picture instructions and are simple enough for children 3 and up to complete with minimal adult help.
  10. Shannon Baas says
    I like the easy instructions.
  11. everything is included
  12. I like that these crafts are prepackaged and affordable.
  13. I like that each box comes with craft ideas, recipes and family activities - it's a great package and really unique that it's not just a pre-packaged craft.
  14. Jessica Snook says
    I like how they show some of the craft projects, they look really fun!
  15. Melanie Mervin says
    I like the family activities section.
  16. Mechele Johnson says
    The whole concept is fabulous! I love their site and the whole idea of crafts in a box, a different one each time, etc...it rocks for Craft challenged parents like me! mmjohnson555@gmail.com
  17. I like the kid's recipe section.
  18. All of their craft products got a thumbs up from kids. They are designed to be done by the children themselves to build up their self esteem. I like this. Rita
  19. Christy Johnson says
    I love how everything is pre-packaged and contains just enough of the supplies you need for each craft. Perfection!
  20. Kimmie Barnes says
    I love that everything comes together in one package and I don't have to go out and buy a bunch of different stuff. Kimmie Barnes shawnandkim@suddenlink.net jakeremom--twitter and GFC
  21. Kendra Gillilan says
    it is affordable
  22. Sherry Lykins says
    I like that they are easy enough for my 3 year old!
  23. I like the kid’s recipe section.
  24. i like that they have a few sample craft projects and items you need
  25. It's impressive to me that they also offer family activities, as well as craft projects for kids in their boxes! Genius!
  26. beth shepherd says
    the kid recipes are fantastic thank you tatertot3741@gmail.com
  27. I am not a crafty G'ma but I do like to work with my grandkids on projects. The old glue macaroni to a card is about as far as my imagination takes me. This is a wonderful idea. I saw the planting a garden kit on the Craft Parent site. That was so darling and right up my alley. Love it!
  28. On the enter any other giveaway, I put the crafts and meant to put the 25 Crazy Days Kendall GelThotics giveaway. Sorry. I don't know how to undo.
  29. I like their focus on the family and the importance they place on family.
  30. Appreciate that everything needed is included. And I think the new and different kit each month makes this a great gift item, that keeeps on giving.
  31. I love that they have all the supplies and instructions.
  32. This is awesome! I learned that All projects contain step-by-step picture instructions and are simple enough for children 3 and up to complete with minimal adult help. Connie G CGruning at aol(dot)com
  33. Jennifer Lachman says
    I love that they send you just the right amount so that their is nothing left to clutter the house.
  34. april yedinak says
    I love that they include recipes with the crafts
  35. Each package has a bonus* like silly songs etc jenzen69atyahoodotcom
  36. I like that they send you Four crafts, supplies and instructions. Everything needed for a week of fun with the kids. ageorgiamomma@gmail.com
  37. I love that he is investing his time to make other peoples family happier. It is such a change from Movie night and all that. I truly feel that kids learn best from hands-on activities, and they get a rush from creating. Thanks
  38. Angela Cisco says
    I like that the kits come only with what you need
  39. the kid recipes amy16323(at)gmail(dot)com
  40. I love that it was started by a SAHD and its so family oriented. I love the idea of crafts and recipes!!!
  41. I really like the idea of these kits coming on a monthly basis and having just the right amount of crafts, recipes, and activities. I think one of each a week is great!
  42. I like that there is a monthly selection of different things! https://twitter.com/#!/Deb55106/status/141427798903500800
  43. kristi rowland says
    I love the kid recipes!
  44. carol lewis says
    Recipes for kids and also that crafts come as kits so no guessing what you need! spcale at yahoo dot com.
  45. Michelle Hagewood says
    I like that they are centered around family time and bringing the parents together with the kids through crafts. boylaneely at hotmail dot com
  46. I like how Crafty Parent tests their craft kits.
  47. What a great idea!! I love how all of the kits are Pre-packaged
  48. would love to bless a family in our church with this gift
  49. I like that they have family activities.
  50. --I am a stay at home momma who loves to get in anything crafty with my two year old! I think this would be perfect with the amount of materials they give you and the ideas they supply! =)
  51. Wish I lived in the US! This looks great!
  52. Stephanie says
    i love this!!
  53. I love these craft boxes that can be delivered. I'm going to tell my sister about this service because my 2 neices are huge craft fans. We all like making stuff with them. With Christmas coming this would be perfect. Thanks! :)