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Until very recently, I had never tried the FuzziBunz brand.  I have heard their diapers raved about by cloth diapering parents so when they recently brought their Trickle-Free Trainers, new and improved, I was very interested.  Here is a bit about the FuzziBunz Trickle-Free Trainers:

  • Fun child focused digitally printed (no fading or peeling) designs are engaging to toddlers
  • Design looks less like a diaper and more like big kid underwear
  • Minky fabric on inside allows for wetness to be felt yet cleans up easy in messy situations
  • Absorbent enough for daytime accidents with a extra padding in the middle for extra protection against leaks
  • Perfect next-step purchase for loyal FuzziBunz® parents
  • Available in a variety prints and white
  • Easy dual side snaps makes changing accidents a breeze

I love the cute prints on the FuzziBunz cloth pull-ups.  I chose the “Super Kid in Training” for Little Brother.  It is adorable!  There is a layer of microfiber sewn into the wet zone on the inside to catch small accidents.  The FuzziBunz Trickle-Free Trainers are absorbent enough to hold one accident or a few tiny, “oops, didn’t know I had to go” accidents.  The inside is lined with a super soft velour (think minky blanket) that is soft on your little one’s skin, but will let them feel the wetness.  The outer of the diaper is a waterproof PUL so you can be at ease when you’re on the go.

Though the waist band and leg bands were plenty tight, the FuzziBunz Trickle-Free Trainer fit much looser around the middle and bum than the other trainers we’ve tried.  This has absolutely nothing to do with the performance of the trainer (which was stellar), but if you’re wanting your kids to be en vogue, I hope you like the poufy midsection look.  As for me, I think the FuzziBunz Trainers are adorable.

I do think that the leg holes run a little small though.  I didn’t measure Little Brother before I ordered, but assumed that, even though he was in the top of the weight range for size Medium, that the trainers would fit for a couple more months while we finished up potty training.  Unfortunately he’s put on a couple pounds since I ordered the trainer and is now just about ready for the Large size.  The leg openings on the size Medium are actually much too small.  Thankfully there are 3 side snaps on each side so I just leave the bottom snap unsnapped on each side and that solves the problem.

You can find out where to buy FuzziBunz Trickle-Free Trainers here.

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  1. It's cute that these come in fun designs!