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As you may or may not know, I’m a big fan of AI2s and hybrid cloth diapers.  When I saw CuteyBaby’s new “That A Wrap” system, I was intrigued.

I was sent one of each of CuteyBaby’s products to review.  I’ll start off with the “That’s a Wrap” diaper.  “That’s A Wrap” is a sized diaper made to be used as an All-in-two.  The design is very unconventional with a hole in the middle of the inner diaper lining.  The hole in the middle is to enable you to shake the wet insert out of the diaper so you can reuse the cover.  The outside of the diaper is nice and soft like a t-shirt. It is lined with waterproof material on the inside and has a very soft stay-dry lining.  The inserts themselves are separate and are also lined with the same stay-dry material.

That’s A Wrap has its strengths and its weaknesses.  The insert is AWESOME.  The suede cloth type lining is so soft and microfiber can hold an amazing amount of fluid.  One day when I took this diaper off of Little Brother, I swear it weighed a pound it was so wet.  According to CuteyBaby’s fluid test, it holds 12 oz. of fluid! Also, we’ve never had a problem with leaking.  These diapers have been great for naptime!

The “That’s A Wrap” system comes with flushable liners to cut down on the ick factor.  I am a huge fan of flushable liners.  The CuteyBaby liners are narrower than any other liners I’ve used, but they are the perfect length.  And, guess what, they wash well too!  If they aren’t soiled just throw them in the laundry bag with the diaper and they’ll survive about 2 washes.  Saves ya some money!

I really didn’t like the hook and loop used on these diapers.  It is very thin and poor quality.  You’ll see in the picture below that the hook and loop is already curling up (after about 4 weeks), and no longer stays securely fastened.

This picture was taken right after I put the diaper on Little Brother. The other day when I went to get him up from his nap one side of the diaper was completely unfastened. UPDATE! CuteyBaby does offer free hook and loop replacement for anyone who has problems with the current product. Beginning early 2012 CuteyBaby will be shipping out diapers with a new, more effective hook and loop!

Both the “That’s A Wrap” system and the Modern All-In-One that I’ll show you in a minute are fairly low rise diapers.  The elastic has a lot of stretch to allow for growth, but the leg elastic, IMO is tight and pulls the diaper down. The low rise is just fine on Little Brother, but if you have a little boy who tends to pee out the front of the diapers, this may be something to consider.

I absolutely love the CuteyBaby–Zip it, Baby! wetbag.  These wetbags come in the same cute prints as the diapers.  They are the perfect size to fit a couple diapers.  It fits nicely in my purse for when we go out.

I really liked the CuteyBaby Modern Cloth diaper.  It is an all-in-one diaper.  It is the first AIO I’ve tried, and I love it.  Again the rise is low, and I have to take care when fastening the diaper so that the top of the diaper doesn’t flip inside the diaper leaving the top of the scratchy velcro tab against Little Brother’s skin.  Oh, the velcro tabs…way cool.  The hook part of velcro is removable!  No more coming undone and sticking to the rest of the diapers in the wash.  I’m not sure why they didn’t do the with the “That’s A Wrap” system.

The tab that you see on the diaper can be removed before washing.

The CuteyBaby Modern Cloth diaper has the same super absorbent insert that is attached to the diaper in the back.  When you wash the diaper the insert comes out of the diaper, but remains attached to it.  It dries super fast, and when it’s dry you simply stuff the insert back inside the cover.

With Flushable liner

I didn't quite get it centered. 🙂

I use flushable liners for these diapers too.  You can see, by looking at the design that this diaper is not designed for easy mess removal.

The CuteyBaby Modern Cloth diaper is designed as a one size and has a set of sizing snaps at the hip on each side of the diaper.  It is designed to fit from about 20 to 40 lbs.  Little Brother is 29 lbs..  I say that the sizing is fairly accurate.

You can purchase CuteyBaby diapers in local grocery stores (they haven’t made it past the midwest yet, though) or you can buy CuteyBaby Diapers on Amazon.com.

You’ll have your chance to win a CuteyBaby Diaper in my ” From Diapers to Potty” Prize Pack during a Merry Fluffy Christmas Dec. 1-5!


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  1. It sounds like the AIO is great. Maybe some of the features you love will make it to the That's a Wrap diaper! Cute prints, though.
  2. These sound great and I like the unique patterns. However, BOTH of my kids (boy and girl) have needed a higher rise in the front. Not sure if it would work for me.
  3. The print on that modern cloth diaper is adorable!! Love that they have such a great selection in their product line. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to enter your giveaway.
  4. This system looks like a good baby shower gift - sounds like it has everything you need to get started with cloth diapers.
  5. JoAnna Kane says
    I bought some That's a Wrap for my daughter and really wanted to like them, but had major problems. The rise was way too low, by the time she was 15 lbs we had serious leaks. The velcro is really bad and doesn't stick. We do use the soakers though as inserts in a Flip cover and really like them.