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If you cloth diaper, are thinking about cloth diapering, or just want to know why the heck anyone would want to cloth diaper then you’re not going to want to miss one of the biggest cloth diapering events of the year!  Merry Fluffy Christmas is a cloth diaper giveaway event. During this year’s Merry Fluffy ChristmasOver 30 bloggers will be blogging out some of the great cloth diaper options available.  Then from December 1-5 each blogger will be giving away a prize package filled with the cloth diapers and accessories they reviewed.  My theme during a Merry Fluffy Christmas will be “From Diapers to Potty”.  If you’re looking for cloth diaper options that make the transition to potty that much easier or are looking for a cloth alternative to disposable pull-ups stay tuned.

My first spotlight is the EcoPosh Trainer by Rumparoos generously contributed by

Little Brother is in the beginning stages of potty training. Even though, while he’s in the early stages of potty training I prefer him to run around “naked bum” while at home, there are times when a trainer or diaper is necessary.  I was super excited when Earthy Crunchy Mama gave me the opportunity to review the EcoPosh organic trainer.

Let me just start by saying that I LOVE this trainer.  The EcoPosh is truly and eco-friendly option.  It is made of recycled water bottles and organic cotton on the outside.  Inside the trainer is a hidden layer of TPU as well as 2 layer of bamboo and organic cotton.  Even though the trainer has a layer of TPU it is not fully waterproof.

Before we received the trainer I was a little concerned about leaks.  I can tell you that with normal daytime wear during potty training you’re probably not going to have an major leaks.  The bamboo is so absorbent that Little Brother has gone 2 full pees in this thing without any leakage other than minor wetness in the seams of the crotch.

Despite how much fluid the trainer holds they are very trim.  They are also extremely soft.  The inside is topped with a fleecy material that allows the child to feel wetness, but still keeps the bum fairly dry.  The waistband is stretchy and not overly tight.  Of all the trainers we now have these are the easiest to pull up and down.  At 20 months and 29 lbs.  the size small 1T/2T is the perfect fit.

You can purchase the EcoPosh organic recycled Trainer for only $15.95 at Earthy Crunchy Mama.

Earthy Crunchy Mama has generously contributed an EcoPosh Trainer to my Merry Fluffy Christmas (Dec. 1-5) prize pack!

Disclosure: I was provided by the above-mentioned product by Earthy Crunchy Mama at no cost to myself in order to facilitate a review.  The opinions expressed are honest and are entirely my own.


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  1. Awesome! I've been looking for reviews on trainers since my oldest little man is potty training right now. I wish we'd had cloth trainers for him from the get-go, but I'm still looking for something to hold small accidents when we're out and about, and something more heavy duty for the naptime accidents. Glad you reviewed this and that they're sponsoring!
    • These are perfect for daytime, and they are one of the more inexpensive trainers, particularly for bamboo. I think you'd like them.
  2. love these
  3. Great review. I have been looking for reviews on the eco posh diaper for my potty trainer. He is a heavy wetter at night and I need something that will hold up against the flood! Thanks!