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Have you heard of Embrace Infant Warmers?

This occurs primarily in developing countries, often in areas that don’t have access to innovations in modern medicine. One of the biggest problems these babies face is hypothermia: they are not able to regulate their own body temperature, and therefore cannot stay warm. In fact, room temperature for these small infants feels freezing cold. 4 million babies die within their first month of life. Those that do survive often develop life-long health problems such as early onset of diabetes, heart disease, and low IQ.


A traditional infant incubator can cost as much as $20,000 in the United States, putting this essential, life-saving machine out of reach for many of the world’s poor. But at just around $200, an Embrace costs less than 1 percent of that.
"Spread the Warmth" "Charity Giveaway and  Fundaising Event" "Infant Warmer"
  1. Heat the phase-change pouch using the electric heater or the non-electric heating unit with hot water. Within 20 minutes, the pouch will heat up to 37C (98.6F), a temperature critical to a child’s survival.
  2. Place the heated pouch into the sleeping bag warmer and lay the baby inside. The pouch can be reheated hundreds of times. An indicator shows when it needs to be reheated.
  3. The pouch will remain between 37-35C for at least four hours. The phase-change material will absorb heat from the baby if the baby gets too hot, or release heat if the baby gets too cold.
You can see the 20/20 story here – but please grab a tissue before you watch.


When I was five, my mother lost two babies–my little brother was 15 months when he passed away, and he was followed shortly after by a stillborn sister. When I saw the post about this even on Emily’s blog at Family and Life in Las Vegas, I knew that this was something I needed to be involved in.


"Embrace Infant Warmers" "Charity Giveaway and  Fundraising Event"WHAT IS SPREAD THE WARMTH?
  • Spread the warmth is going to be an awesome charity giveaway and fundraising event with all proceeds to be donated to Embrace Infant Warmers.  The giveaway portion event will run October 30th – November 13th.  To gain entry into the giveaway, people will donate in $5 increments.  ($5 = 1 entry, $10 = 2 entries, $20 = 4 entries…)
  • From now until October 28th we will be accepting products for the giveaway.  We already have several fabulous companies who have already pledged donations for this amazing giveaway!
  • During the month of November Family and Life in Las Vegas and other bloggers will be offering charity ad space on our blogs with all proceeds going to Embrace Infant Warmers.
  • Grab the button to post it on your blog.  If you feel so inclined, blog about this event.

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  • Please join our team to help ask companies you have worked with in the past for the giveaway event.  (All bloggers who participate will have their logo hosted on Family and Life in Las Vegas during the month of November as my way of saying Thank You!)
  • Consider offering ad space on your blog for the month of November with proceeds to be donated to Embrace programs.
  • If you are a company, or own a company, consider donating product to the giveaway event.  All companies involved will be included in a special giveaway spotlight post to be placed on all blogs who are helping in the Spread the Warmth Event.
  • Come back on October 30th to donate in increments of $5 and enter this awesome giveaway!
  • Please contact me at amy(at)ohsosavvymom(dot)com if you would like to donate a product or purchase ad space to benefit Embrace Warmers.


  • Sponsors to donate products for the Giveaway Event running Oct 30th – Nov 12th.
  • Companies/Bloggers who are willing to buy ad space for the month of November – all proceeds benefit Embrace.  Several options/prices available!  Perfect for Holiday Season!
  • People who want to help find people and companies for the above.
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Won’t you consider joining in this awesome event?
Together we CAN make a difference saving the tiniest of  little lives!

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