Now That’s a Knife! Miyako Ceramics Review

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Until just a couple weeks ago I’d never used, let alone, owned a ceramic knife. Now, I can tell you from experience, that ceramic knives are a little slice of heaven.

I was sent a Miyako  Ceramic 6″ Chef’s Knife along with a 3″ Paring Knife and Ceramic Peeler.  The first time I used these knives was one of those, “Hey, Honey, you’ve got to come and try this!” moments.  Granted, I was only quartering grapes, but it was a totally different feel slicing through the skins with my Miyako Ceramic knife than with our stainless steal knives.  It was like slicing through butter.  The super sharp blades of the ceramic knife not only made the process of preparing dinner more enjoyable, but it also made faster meal prep (and anything that gets dinner ready faster is great with me).  Even The Husband approves.  I overheard him tonight as he was cutting the veggies with our new knives say, “Wow, this knife is SWEET!” (“Sweet” is the ultimate word of approval in The Husband’s vocabulary.)

If you’ve never owned ceramic knives before, you may be wondering, What’s the big deal?  Here is an explanation from Miyako Ceramics about what sets their ceramic knives apart from other knives.

Stunning High Gloss Finish
On the outside Miyako ceramic knives feature a stunning high-gloss finish. The glossy ceramic blade is not only aesthetically pleasing; it also enhances the anti-bacterial properties by preventing foods from sticking to the blade. The high-gloss finish also prevents staining and allows for easy cleaning.

Precisely Honed Cutting Edge
Extensive testing and several revisions later, this blade finally received the Miyako stamp of approval. Our fine tuned process creates a knife with over 10x the edge retention of a metal knife and a sharpness exclusive to Miyako.

Super Soft Ultra-Comfort Handle
All Miyako ceramic knives feature an ultra-comfort grip. The handle is super soft to the touch (you have to touch it to believe it!). The ergonomic handle feels natural and balanced in your hands even for the novice user.  Every curve was put in place for the most natural feel, perfect for right or left handed users.

Extra Hard Ceramic
Ceramic material all come from similar raw materials, but that is where the similarities end. Miyako Ceramics uses zirconium oxide with grain sizes less than 0.6 µm. When these tiny ceramic grains are heated and pressed together, the result is a material that is denser and harder than other ceramic knives in the industry.  We press the ceramic material to pressures upwards of 500 tons, creating a blade that approaches the hardness of diamonds. The denser and harder the blade, the better its durability and edge retention.

These knives really are beautiful, and I love the ergonomic handle.  It really is soft, and it makes my hand want to cut the way I see chefs cutting on those cooking shows.  I would definitely recommend Miyako ceramic knives and gadgets to anyone looking for excellent ceramic knives.

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 Disclosure: I received the above-mentioned products at no cost to myself, in order to facilitate a review.  The opinions expressed are honest and are entirely my own.


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  1. good review! my husband is a chef so we are always looking for good knives!
  2. In the pictures it looks amazing. But hard to believe ceramic knives are as good. They surely deserve a try. Do they have a better life too??
    • Because of the hardness of the material used to make these ceramic knives the blades are about 10x more durable than steel knives. They don't wear down like steel knives. They are, however much easier to break and chip so extra care must be taken when using these knives.
  3. These look really nice! I have an old set of cheap knives from when I got married 15 years ago...I SO need to upgrade! I will have to check these out!
  4. We have been a fan of miyako ceramic knives since we got married. They were a wonderful gift from my new sister in law.