Guest Post ~ Tips For Making the Most of Playgroup

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Playgroups can be an excellent way for both you and your children to have fun and meet lots of great people.

There are many ways to find a playgroup in your area. You can check online resources to find a wide variety of groups. Many local churches host playgroups, as well as schools for those parents that have older children. If you are not able to find a group that fits your needs, you may consider creating your own. Talk with your neighbors and people you are in contact with on a regular basis and you may be surprised how many parents are interested!

When attending your first playgroup, you may feel nervous and anxious. Just remember, all of these parents were once the newbies as well. Most often you will find these parents to be welcoming and fun. It may take trying a few different groups to find the one that best suits you and your child. Not all parents and children are going to mesh well together. Do not get discouraged, the right one will turn up.

Playgroups are places that can be an invaluable resource, especially as a first time parent. What better place to get advice and suggestions for things such as the right pediatrician, tips for healthy eating, and ideas for fun activities and crafts?

I found that this has been a great way to connect with other parents and allows my children to play with children of all ages. WE have all made friends that will last a lifetime. The key to any playgroup is to have FUN and enjoy each others company. Happy Playing!

Gillian Eberhart is a military wife and mom to three young children. Gillian has found some great support in playgroups since her husband has joined the military. She enjoys spending time with friends and allowing her children to do the same. During her spare time, Gillian enjoys writing for My Baby You can find all of your baby needs including but not limited to; baby clothes, tutus with matching baby headbands and baby hats.


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