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When I hit about 16 years old, I found that I was no longer able to wear high heals.  I’d find that as I walked home from church on Sundays my knees and my hips would randomly give out.  Once I switched to flats I said bye, bye to this problem.  Unfortunately, I said hello to a new one.  Sometime around my 18th birthday I started to have back pain.  At first my back only hurt when I laid down at night.  Slowly, it progressed to the point that my back hurt so bad it was hard to walk and I was having to ice it every day.  Thankfully, those days are behind me, and now, I only occasionally have bad days.  I tell you this because of all the things I did to help my back pain go away, the single most effective thing (aside from stress reduction) was good shoes.Good shoes aren’t always easy to come by, and often really good shoes can be really expensive, particularly if you are on a budget.  With that in mind I was impressed to learn about a revolutionary type of orthotic that can be worn in virtually any type of shoe.

Custom orthotics can be pricey, and you’ll, generally, need different orthotics for your different types of shoes.  Kendall GelThotics are a breakthrough in foot pain relief, for runners, walkers, and people on their feet a lot.  They are pure medical grade silicone orthotics, that unlike conventional orthotics will not change the fit of your shoe.  In fact, you can wear GelThotics in any type of shoe!

The GelThotic is designed in a cobra shape to cradle the heel and provide support to the arch.  The silicone is extremely shock absorbent and molds perfectly to the shape of your foot.  Because GelThotics are made from pure silicone they will never break down or become stinky (blah, I remember my sister’s stinky orthotics).  They are very easy to clean if they become dirty.  Just use a little mild soap, rinse with water, and good as new.

I received a pair to try for myself and one for my husband.  My husband suffers from plantar fasciitis and finds his feet hurting quite often.  In fact, he’s recently confessed to me that he finds it difficult to enjoy being out of the house, having “fun” because his feet always hurt so bad. Here are his thoughts on the GelThotics, “They seem like they should fit perfectly.  When I place my naked foot into the gelThotic outside of the shoe they fit like a glove.  When I place the GelThotic into the shoe they don’t feel the same.  When the GelThotic is under the insole the GelThotic it felt like it was rolling my foot to the outside.  When I placed the GelThotic on top of my insole

Size 1 GelThotics in my Mary Jane Crocs

the “j” part of the insole would bunch together under my foot.”  He wears a size 11.5 shoe and ordered the size 4 GelThotic for men’s shoe sizes 9.5-12.

I actually had similar problems (not the bunching together part) with my first pair.  I spoke with GelThotics (they were extremely helpful) and it was decided that I should try a smaller size.  I wear a size 8-8.5 in women’s shoes and I originally ordered a size 2 GelThotic.  When I tried the size 1, I was very pleased.  Though my foot still had to get used to my shoes feeling different, the fit was so much better. I can tell they are a tad smaller than they ought to be for the size of my foot, but they do the job.

I have high arches–I’m one of those people that when I get out of the pool you see the front of my foot and my heel, but nothing in between–and the GelThotics keep my feet and back from hurting when I have to stand or walk for long periods of time in less than perfect shoes.

LOVE that you can wear GelThotics with open-toed shoes!

They fit beautifully in my high heels.  The cushioning they give my heels is absolutely beautiful!

Kendall GelThotics is contributing a GelThotic ($59.99 value) in the winner’s size for the 25 Crazy Dayz of Giveawayz hop beginning November 1st.  The GelThotics prize will be a part of a Health and Wellness prize pack valued at $150!

You can purchase Kendall GelThotics at DEAL ALERT!! Use Promo Code: Twitter to receive a 25% discount on your GelThotics purchase.

Check out the GelThotics twitter page and the Kendall GelThotics Facebook page for more info and updates on GelThotics.

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  1. I have hearing a lot about these gelthotics lately - I will have to give them a try! I stand on my feet all day at work so maybe these could help!
  2. I have special gel inserts in my shoes for over-pronation, so I can see how this would be helpful for your back pain!
  3. my feet would be so happy to have these! They get very angry when they are stood on all day at work!
  4. I got so use to wearing flips flops all year long for about 5 years LOL that now regular shoes hurt me. I'll have to give these a try once I start wearing regular shoes again.
  5. Ohhh those look comfy...I have plantar fascitis (sp?) and a heel spur so anything that makes my feet more comfortable I am all for!