Educational Insights’ Alpha Catch, Review and Giveaway

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I am very pleased to announce that Oh So Savvy Mom now has a bona fide homeschooler on our blogger team. Karlyn is a homeschooling mama of 4. She and her family have recently given up life in the city, and have moved to a piece of farmland in the country. Here she is teaching her family principles of hard work, caring for their animals, and living naturally. You can look for more great articles and reviews from her in the future!

As a home school mother I am always interested in ways I can help my kids learn and have fun at the same time. Alpha Catch™ does exactly that! When you get the game you receive four “mitts,” 26 balls (one for each letter of the alphabet), and some ideas of different games to play.

I was initially interested in this game to help my two year old with her letters, but then realized it can help with her colors too. We took turns tossing her a ball and she would (with some assistance at first) yell out what letter she had. It was very funny, she caught right on and as soon as she would catch a ball she would yell out a letter, now it wasn’t “the” letter, but hey she was having a blast! After the letters are down we can work on the sounds of the letters.

I was also pleased to come up with a game that my seven year old and five year old boys could play. I say “come up with” because, shortly after we got the game, my rambunctious boys “misplaced” the instructions. Anyway, they would take turns, one of them coming up with a word, and pull out the letters that spell that word. Then they would toss them to the other person who would, after catching them, try to figure out what word it was supposed to be. They even got their babysitter (who loved it too) in on the game.

I think we will get a lot of use of this game. Thanks Educational Insights for another wonderful product!

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  4. I like the shapes bean bags.
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