Amazon Rain, All Natural Skincare -Review and #Giveaway

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The Amazon Rain™ Story

New Discoveries Found in Rainforest Plants Promote Beauty Naturally

Many plants in the Rainforest have long been recognized for their therapeutic health value. Now, scientific studies demonstrate the numerous benefits of using these unique botanicals in renewing skin tissues.

Recent discoveries of antioxidant compounds, taspines and other naturally-occurring phytoelements in Rainforest plants set a new standard in natural skin care therapy. These beneficial compounds give us a new natural choice for clear glowing skin that is alive and well nourished.

When asked if I wanted to review Amazon Rain skincare products I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into.  I understood that Amazon Rain used products harvested from plants in the rainforests, but what I did not realize is that Amazon Rain’s products are completely organic and wild harvested.  There are no GMOs, added colors, or fragrances.  The products are harvested in the Amazon Rainforest by the indigenous communities who live there.

I was sent the Lluvia Essentials Kit to review.  This kit contains:

Remove dirt, excess oil, and makeup
Cleanse without harmful foaming agents
Restores skin’s natural pH balance

  • Camu C Serum: This superior treatment serum penetrates deep into the skin’s surface, delivering key anti-aging nutrients and stimulating healthy collagen production. As a result, your skin looks younger, feels firmer, and glows just like it should!

Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Protect Your Skin from Free Radicals
Speed the process of tissue regeneration

  • Replenishing Moisturizer: Boosts your skin’s defenses—locking in crucial moisture and reducing premature signs of aging.

Protects your skin from environmental factors
Reduces the effects of aging caused by the sun
Fortifies your skin’s natural moisture barrier

My first impression upon using Amazon Rain was that it was both very thin and very fragrant.  I learned quickly, however, that being thin has absolutely nothing to do with how effective this product is.  A little of Amazon Rain goes a LONG way.  The bottles are fairly small, but I’ve been using them for a week and a half and have hardly made a dent in the amount left.  I use the Essentials Kit once in the morning and once at night before I go to bed.  I only use a pea size or less of each product for each application.  This Essentials Kit will last me a long time.

As for the fragrance, you remember I mentioned above that there are no artificial or added fragrances in Amazon Rain products.  The scent is all natural and comes from the ingredients used to make the skincare products.  It is not unpleasant at all (I am just not used to wearing anything with scent), and I quickly got used to it.

The other thing I noticed early on is that my face was very oily for the first few days.  This was probably because my previous skincare products were 1) stripping my face of it’s natural oil 2) putting harmful ingredients on my face, and my face, in turn, was producing more oil to protect itself.  So my face was over producing oil to protect itself and to replenish the natural oils I was stripping away.  Once my face realized how nice this new skincare routine was it stopped being so defensive.

I don’t really have many wrinkles yet, and I’ve only been using the Amazon Rain Skincare for a week and a half so I can’t give you an opinion on how well Amazon Rain helps with that.  I can tell you, though, that it has noticeably improved the overall tone of my skin.  I am out in the sun a lot.  I walk my son to school everyday, and, I am ashamed to say it, I don’t wear sunblock.  My skin tone was terrible.  I can tell how my skin is doing by how it looks in the morning.  It is usually a dull shade with a yellowish tone, blah.  Now it looks healthy, pink in the places it should be pink, and definitely not yellow.

Every single sale all year round supports two movements: ACEER and Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Center. ACEER – Nonprofit The Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Resources.

Amazon Rain is dedicated to the Breast Cancer Awareness month. Skin care is a huge part of our overall health, and it does matter what we put on it, and how much toxicity the body and its organs accumulate during their lifetime. That is why the byline for all Amazon Rain skin care products is Deeper Than Beauty.

Because of this Amazon Rain is offering FREE gifts to the first 50 people purchasing any of the Amazon Rain products from this campaign:
(1) Olivia Newton-John, who beat her own breast cancer, has announced that she’ll send a personally signed LIV Aid ( for breast cancer prevention in your monthly self-examination routine. This aid alone retails for $19.95.
(2) FlaxUSA and its Founder Stephanie Stober will donate Flax Sprinkles full of Omega-3, Lignans, Protein and Fiber
(3) Hy-Jean Corporation and its Founder Laura Stearn will donate her unique and feminine product – Pantzies!
(4) The Coconut World and its Founder SaraJean Cameranesi will donate her amazing Coconut Sugar with Glycemic Index of 35! Eating it is like almost drinking water nowadays!

Buy It:

Until October 31st Amazon Rain is offering a preferred price for Bloggers and their readers to honor our bodies with a healthy daily routine from our skin care products. Buy Amazon Rain Skincare during this time with an unheard of 42% discount! Visit for the coupon code instructions.

Win It!

Amazon Rain is giving one of my readers a bottle of Amazon Rain Camu C Serum ($78.50 SRP!).


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