*25 Crazy Dayz Spotlight* Little Tikes Garden Bubble Leaf and Lawn Blower

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Imperial Toy is excited to bring little gardeners tons of fun in the sun with the new Little Tikes Garden Grow product line for Spring 2011. Driving the Garden Grow line is the battery operated Garden Bubble Leaf and Lawn Blower that blows tons of bubbles and makes real revving sounds with every simple squeeze of the trigger. The clear window on the side conveniently allows kids to see when it’s time for a refill at which time is poured into an easily accessible opening on top of the blower. With its realistic look and feel of daddy’s yard blower, the Garden Bubble Leaf and Lawn Blower not only supplies kids with endless hours of fun, but may help them to learn the value of grown up chores, and build confidence in the act of doing a good job.

The Little Tikes Bubble Leaf and Lawn Blower was released back in Spring, but is still going strong. It is selling as one of the top bubble toys!  And it is no wonder!  If other kids love this bubble blower as much as my boys do then it is sure to be flying off the shelves for some time yet.  We received the Bubble Leaf and Lawn Blower to review back in June, and it is still going strong.  We finally wore out the original batteries though!

Here is a picture of the kids during our summer family reunion having fun with the bubble blower.

The Bubble Blower couldn’t be easier to operate.  Just press the button on the handle, and, viola, you’ve got more bubbles than your kids can catch.  Occasionally the spout will accumulate bubble suds and will stop blowing bubbles.  When this happens I simply rinse the spout with water and we’re good as new again.

The Little Tikes Bubble Leaf and Lawn Blower is available all year long! With Christmas coming up this might be a great Christmas gift idea the kids. 😉

You can purchase Imperial Toy’s Little Tikes Bubble Leaf and Lawn Blower at Toys R Us and other local retailers.

You can find out about more great toys from Imperial Toy by following them facebook.

Don’t forget to come back next week for the start of 25 Crazy Dayz of Giveawayz.  Imperial Toy will be contributing a Little Tikes Bubble Leaf and Lawn Blower to an awesome kids prize pack!


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  1. I taught preschool for years and bubbles are like drugs for toddlers! They are fascinated with them! This things looks awesome!
  2. Wow, that looks so cool. My son is obsessed with bubbles. he would have a blast with this one!
  3. Mary Dailey says
    I think all kids would love this!
  4. Lol...I wanna play too! How fun! We have a bubble blower but it died this summer, little girl cried forever. I'm thinking a new one just may be in order! How on earth did you get the bubbles to show in your picture?
  5. Ok. I think I need one, that is pretty darn cool!
  6. Oh my son would LOVE this!! He is a HUGE Bubble fan! :) looks like sooo much fun! I think I'll add this to his Christmas/Birthday wish list!
  7. oh my gosh that looks incredibly fun! I want one! lol
  8. What a cute idea!