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I think that staying healthy and fit is one of the biggest challenges moms face.  When you have kids, particularly when they’re still very young, it is hard to find time to work out.  I enjoy going to the gym.  I find that going to the gym not only provides me motivation to exercise (cause, hey, that’s what everyone around me is doing), but it also gives me the variety I crave in a workout.  Up until we moved a few months ago, I had a membership to a gym nearby, but even the gym has its drawbacks.  When you take your kids to the daycare center you introduce all sorts of viruses into your home.  It seemed like we’d go the the gym for about a week, and then someone would come down with a cold.  After everyone was all better we’d start our gym routine again only to have another cold virus come visit us.

Eating and food choices are just as problematic.  I only have two boys, but as they get older, we get more busy.  Recently, I’ve been grabbing food on the go quite often.  Considering that I don’t prefer fruit, my on the go choices are usually not great ones.  Most often I opt to skip a meal rather than grab a banana, or an apple, or something else equally quick and nutritious.

Here are some of the things I do to get my exercise and healthy eating in:

  • I walk my son to school.  Now, I want to let you know that this isn’t exactly something I’ve done completely by choice. 😉 It’s been hotter then Hades in San Antonio, but we only have one car, and The Husband almost always needs the car for work.  I could have my son take the bus, but I figure that the walk is good for me.  It is a little over half a mile, so I get about 2 miles of walking, while pushing a stroller, in each day.
  • Play outside with the kids. Don’t be afraid to play with your kids.  Engage them in a game of tag, hide and seek, catch, or other games that require a lot of movement.
  • Do an excercise video with the kids.  It is often just too hot outside for us to enjoy playing outside so sometimes I’ll pop in Big Brother’s yoga video.
  • Make healthy dinners. Because my kids are still young and not needing to be taxied around everywhere yet, this is something that I can still do on an almost nightly basis.  I make sure I include multiple veggies and some protien in the dishes I cook.
  • Just get out of the house. Sometimes this is the hardest thing for me to do.  With school and naptime right in the middle of the day it can be difficult to get everyone ready and out the door for an activity

The people at SunRidge Farms, who run a bike-to-work program for their employees, know how important it is to stay healthy and fit.  That is why they are sponsoring a contest right here on Oh So Savvy Mom!  All you have to do to participate is answer one question.  The answers will be judged by myself and a SunRidge Farms representative.  One lucky winner will receive the products listed below!

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To Enter simply leave a comment answering the following question .*Remember answers will be judged on creativity and usefulness*:

What are your secrets/tips to staying healthy and fit?

Open to US Residents 18 years of age and older. Contest will end at 11:59 pm ET on October 12, 2011.

 Disclosure: I received the above-mentioned products in return for this post.  All opinions expressed are honest and are entirely my own.


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  1. For me it's fighting that urge after the kids are in bed to grab a junky snack and veg on the the couch. So I try to not eat after the kids are in bed. My kids also love to zumba- so we do some of their DVD's on rainy days... good for mom's emotional and physical health. :)
  2. Small Footprints says
    We live a pretty natural life ... we're vegan, we use natural cleansers & soaps/detergents, and we walk daily. But there's another way to stay healthy which has been a surprise ... we don't use too much artificial heat/cooling. We really resist the urge to turn on the unit, allowing ourselves to instead become a little uncomfortable. That has actually allowed our bodies to regulate their own temperature. In doing so, in my opinion, we have stayed healthier overall ... as though, by letting our bodies do the work they were intended to do, we build up our strength. It's similar to the old adage that children should be allowed to play in the rain because it increases their resistance to colds. Thanks for this opportunity ... I look forward to reading everyone's tips and ideas!
  3. My secret is easy. My husband does ALL the cooking and grocery shopping. Lucky me . I only eat what he fixes... all healthy, nutritious and delicious. No junk food in the house. I recently lost 28 lbs. Yeah me!!!
  4. I truly liked looking at your post because of its content. I agree with you that I for one we live a pretty natural life. We also use natural cleansers & soaps/detergents, and we walk daily. Stay fit by a daily exercise and visit your doctors for check-up. Thanks for this opportunity and I look forward to reading everyone’s tips and ideas!
  5. I believe in moderation in my life. It isn't about denying myself something or going on one fad diet or another. I choose to eat mostly unprocessed healthier items. I like to eat 4-6 smaller meals throughout the day. Because of a health condition traditional exercise can't happen, but I do love Pilates. I also take care of my body by using things like organic and natural products. I also mediate regularly to keep my body, mind connection in check. To me it is about being happy with myself and being one with the my world. It sounds probably pretty new age hippie, but it works for me. :)
  6. The old tried and true........park far from the entrance when going places and take stairs rather than elevator, also keep healthy snacks in your purse (like a baggie of trail mix) to counter the impulse to buy junk at vending machines
  7. My secret to staying healthy is bicycling and running. I love to bike so it makes it easy.
  8. My secret is to be kind to yourself first, and everything else will follow. I see way too many women beat themselves up because they ate something not-quite-healthy, or aren't losing weight fast enough for their liking. What's the point of having a healthy, fit body if you're not nice to it?
  9. It sounds too simple, but it really isn' mindful of everything you eat. It's too easy to grab something quick without thinking about it. Also, stay active. Don't become a couch potato. The more you move, the more energy you have and the more you will want to move!
  10. 6 yrs ago I made a conscious decision to improve my life-eatimg healthier and including some form of movement each day. The way I include fitness and health into each day is to walk where ever I can and to carve out a time to workout in my home- even a couple 10 min sessions is better than none! The next crucial step is what I eat-difficult because I have a sweet tooth! Healthy, delicious snacks like Sunridge Farms makes is a great way to do this. I try to make all my desserts so I can control fat/calories. Here's a fun way to try out different workouts- borrow them from the library!
  11. wendy wallach says
    There really is no "secret" per se; it is more common sense then anything else! It starts with taking care of the basics like your overall health which is about sleeping enough and keeping things as stress free as possible. Sensible eating and exercise are the two things that are the most important yet the hardest to accomplish. Thankfully, there is help for both of these everywhere you look..from TV to the internet to books and magazines. It is much easier to learn from others then to try to reinvent the wheel yourself!
  12. I set reminders for myself the day before I want to do something so I can't use the excuse that "I forgot" to go to that exercise class I planned to go to, or the farmer's market when it's open to get fresh veggies. I've been using to set up recurring reminders that can send you a reminder as an email or a text message if you want to. I know it sounds sad, but it's the only way I remember to do things, including things to help me stay healthy.
  13. try to eat lots of fruits and veggies and drink a lot of water msboatgal at
  14. Partner up with my husband so we can encourage each other when we have a bad day!
  15. My tip is not to think of fitness or taking care of myself as something I do, or have to so, a certain number of times per week. I think of my whole life as a way of taking care of my body and mind. Exercise is not a separate part of my life that I schedule in, it just means moving my body in healthy ways throughout the day. I don't diet, I just choose foods that nourish. Staying fit means living my life (not just parts of it) in a wholesome way.
  16. It's all about attitude and perspective. Many people sabotage themselves by displaying pictures of their muffintops and other shaming methods. I believe in focusing on the positive. Tell yourself you're making a commitment to a new hobby. Then set attainable, measurable goals. Some examples might include: no chips or sweets on Tue, Thur and Sat, take advantage of a one week free trial at a gym and show up and do something for at least 30 minutes. Focus on the positive - there is power in truthfully saying that I met my goals. Then I can surpass my goals - for example I might 'do something' at the gym for 45 minutes one day and I might avoid chips/sweets on an extra day. Solution focused techniques work much better than shame based tactics.
  17. Misty LaBean says
    Since myself and my oldest son are both Type 1 diabetics eating healthy is our only choice. We stay away from any kind of sugars and always count the carbs. Everything I buy is wheat which we don't eat much of anyways. Fresh vegetables are apart of most all our meals. We also take immune boosting vitamins. Eating 4-5 times a day also helps to keep our sugar levels safe and helps the body as well. Always drink lots of water to help keep the body flushed for the liver, kidneys, pancreas etc. Natural anti oxidants is helpful as well.
  18. Holly Thomas says
    My answer is simple,i stay healthy and fit by drinking water.
  19. Brenda Buck says
    Lots of the basics, park fartherest away from stores, stairs instead of elevator, try not to spend too much time on my rear end. Two years ago started my get healthy regime and have managed to keep 40 lbs off and the changes aren't changes anymore, they are lifestyle. I do 3 miles a day on a exercise bike and I dance.. with the door closed AND locked.. in my Crank the music loud and just go.. No more red meat, it's poultry and fish, nothing fried, and as much as I miss it, nothing deep fried. When making meals I try to make only what's needed as leftovers tend to turn into snacks later. Ice cream, cookies, cakes, etc are treats and boughten only on special occasions. It's all the mind set, have to remember I count and I am important and if I don't take care of myself, I may not be here to take care of the ones that depend on me.
  20. For me its eating healthy and trying to keep up with my kids, they are always training for something and it helps to just go with the flow!
  21. amber kelly says
    I have started limiting myself to one soft drink/juice a day and am drinking close to 8 glasses of water a day. My whole family (including my dog) have been walking atleast 1 mile a day. So far I've lost about 12 pounds. We all have been trying to get healthy since my mother finished her breast cancer treatments back in March. And I feel better than I have in a long time.
  22. Jayna Hawkins says
    I do everything with my kids, My husband and I have 3 all together and we love to ride our bikes to Walmart or the fruit stand both which are about 1 mile or 2 from our house, we also love to ride up to Publix, well the kis ride I walk and then they ride back and I carry the groceries back so I get my weight lifting in at the same time! We also make it a point to do a family walk every night(weather permitting) not only is it a perfect time to get a work out it is wonderful family time and winde down time!!! As always when I am with my family it makes everything a lot easier and more fun and healthy!
  23. Marijka Bosma says
    My mother died at the age of 44 of heart failure. Now in my 30's and with 3 boys of my own, not wanting to leave them alone as teens is enough motivation for me. Keeping the junk out of our house, yet not being so strict as to not allow treats, keeps all of us healthy and eating right.
  24. Bridget M Williams says
    My secret to staying fit....well i have 7 kids lol, so that runs me raged. However, I try to incorporate exercise into my daily house cleaning routine. I also try to walk 1-2 miles per day weather and time permitting. I am a heart patient, so it is important for me to make sure to get exercise and eat right, because i want to stay alive and well for all of my childrens big moments in life. I have started only buying healthy snacks, fruits, veggies and whole grains, and i do most all of my cooking from scratch with the most healthy choices i can. As a mom, i think it is important that my children know that there are good, tasty options that are not filled with sugar and other unhealthy things!
  25. MODERATION! I've learned to limit everything. Plus, I only eat when hungry-as opposed to when I'm bored or sad. Also, a big key for me is to drink lots of water. I have found staying hydrated keeps me healthy on many levels. I also walk whenever possible and as long as it's nice out (I live in ND), I park far away instead of close when shopping to get in extra exercise.
  26. Larissa brunken says
    I guess our biggest thing is to just keep moving. We all play att the parks together not just site and watch. We madge a habit of using the up stairs bathroom. Always eat as a family. Andfor video games we only have ones that you have to move around to play.
  27. Angela Maas says
    My secret to staying healthy and fit is to make it impossible to make poor choices. I don't buy chips or candy and so if I'm hungry, I have to grab from what's in the house. No chips. Darn - I guess I'll have an apple. We don't have soda or kool-aid type drinks. The options are only healthy - so they choice is simple. For fitness - kids are pretty good about keeping you active, but moms still need some extra fitness. I put my work out gear on first thing in the morning. Then I have to do my workout before I can take a shower, put on make up etc. Since I have to get out during the day, I have to get dressed. ;) If I haven't worked out, it's a yuck feeling to have to go upstairs and change out of my workout outfit and put on clothes. It's yucky enough that I stick to the commitment at least 5 times a week. It also helps to make yourself a list. #1 - get kids on the bus #2 specific workout #3 laundry etc. Then it will stare you down if you try to move on to other list items. :)
  28. I make sure I pack breakfast, lunch, and snacks before going to work and I change into my gym clothes at work so I don't give in to the couch. wolverina401 at gmail dot com
  29. Shaunda Eppes says
    We drink lots and lots of water. Shaunda.Eppes at gmail dot com
  30. We dont let the kids have pop or sugary stuff except on special occasions. We try to have healthy organic snacks for them to gnaw on when they get hungry like fruits, veggies and granola. As far as fitness goes we make sure the kids go out and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible (rain shine or even snow) and we work off plenty of calories chasing them around.
  31. I try to stay active throughout the day!
  32. After the kids go to school, I walk around the neighborhood before it gets too hot. The kids and I usually go for a walk and sometimes to the park to play after dinner each night as well.
  33. Brittney House says
    I have a fun way that I like to burn calories while I clean! I put on some rock and roll music, and dance with my vacuum cleaner or mop. Up-beat music will naturally make me move faster, and cause me to gyrate right through an otherwise dull routine.
  34. amy deeter says
    excerise daily amy16323(at)gmail(dot)com
  35. I like to exercise with my boys! They have fun, I have fun, and my 2 1/2 year old always keeps me accountable! And eating healthy is easy because I don't want them eating junk!
  36. Courtney S says
    Exercise, eating right and plenty of water!
  37. Well its all about a balance of eating things you like and taste good vs healthy. By snacking in a healthy way between meals with a handful of nuts or granola bar or even a crust of ciabatta or French bread dipped in olive oil you can do your taste buds, body and mind wonders- try it!
  38. Diane Baum says
    I exercise a few times a week, walk the dog every day and try to eat healthy,
  39. I drink a cup of hot water with plain cocoa powder mixed in. It foes wonders for your mood and energy level.
  40. I like to make everything into exercise to fit it in a busy life. Like doing belly dancing moves while brushing my teeth or isolations while driving or walking as fast as possible wherever I go.
  41. I try to walk rather than take the elevator or drive when I can.
  42. being in the mountains, there are plenty of outdoor activities, I just have to get motivatd!
  43. Diana bradford hatch says
    Exercise every day and drink lots of water
  44. Here are some of my tips for a healthy lifestyle: - Shop at farmer's markets if you don't have a garden and cook and eat seasonally. It is cheaper and healthier to eat food that is in the same form as when it was grown and not after it is over-processed in a factory (fried, battered, highly salted , etc). - You will eat what is around you. Surround yourself with healthy seasonal foods in their natural state. If it is not healthy, don't buy it or have it in your home. If you have to go shopping on a special errand to buy Unhealthy Product X, you are less likely to eat it. - Keep a food diary as well as an exercise diary. It will help keep you on track and honest. - Keep track of your victories over unhealthy eating. On Monday I participated in a 45 minute Zumba class. After that I went to an event where they were serving cake with sugary icing. I was invited to have some cake, but politely turned it down. I didn't want to negate the work I had done (and then some) by eating those extra calories. Yeah for me standing firm! - I have learned over the years that most high calorie treats or splurges look better than they taste. In many cases, they are not worth the caloric cost to me. I have learned to visually enjoy a treat by looking at a beautifully decorated cake for example, instead of eating it. In that way I don't have a so-so treat that I've consumed and am then left with many excess calories consumed and also have regret with what I've eaten. -If you are truly hungry, raw veggies and fresh fruit will taste great. If you mentally turn up your nose at eating raw vegetables, you are probably eating for reasons other than hunger ( boredom, anger, sadness, in need of rest, frustration, etc.)
  45. After the kids have finished their homework we have a dance party. We put on fun music and dance around the house for about an hour. It's a fun way to get exercise and helps release some of the kids pent up energy after sitting all day in school and then doing their homework.
  46. susan smoaks says
    to stay healthy and fit i do things that i consider to be simple. I park away from the building and walk, i take the stairs, i walk my dog around the neighborhood for exercise. I eat as many fruits and veggies as i possibly can in a day and that way i do not leave much room for other foods in my diet. i drink water all day long. I keep a bottle on my desk at work and big cup beside me when i am at home.
  47. Melissa Wilson says
    To be honest, the only thing i do to try to stay fit is walk, my son is 5 and he likes to be outside all the time, and instead of riding the 4 wheeler or golfcart, i try to get him to walk places :) hairbows.n.more at gmail dot com
  48. Hmm, What are your secrets/tips to staying healthy and fit? Well there is, of course, the obvious: Eat healthy which is easier said than done some days. But where is the fun in easy anyhow, right? Then, of course there is exercise. This lady sums it all up for me but instead of cat it's dogs and we homeschool so I could add another verse but anyhow. Check this out My day in a nutshell Oh and another verse on how the hubby is a truck driver so he's never home and so the 5 acres, 8 goats, 7 chickens, 2 donkeys, 1 horse, 3 dogs, 4 kids and all the chores are mine. <3 And we are trying to "green-wash" our lives too so we are practicing living green for our health and our is only one we have. my_2_cents at hotmail dot com
  49. exercise, growing my own food or buying local produce, and plenty of fluids!:)
  50. Everything in moderation is the key with respect to food. Balance out carbs, proteins and good fat. In addition, 3 to 4 times of exercise per week would help us in staying fit and fine :)
  51. Drink lots of water!
  52. Kathleen Downes says
    Lots of water and daily walks with my son and dog. We are also vegetarian and eat pretty healthy.
  53. I try to eat a healthy dinner and drink milk with dinner so I won't want to snack between dinner and bedtime. Thanks!
  54. Running after my kids and eating healthy... with a bit of red wine tossed in for the added health benefits ;)
  55. I run marathons to stay healthy and fit.
  56. sarah cool says
    I have lost 50 pounds and have become more concerned with health. So I try to eat as few prepackaged foods as possible and exercise. I love the way I eat now, nuts are one thing I never really ate before but Cashews are my favorite now. Exercise was difficult at first because I've had knee surgeries but I do something....unusual. I love to read and I recently bought a book I've been wanting and I only read it when I exercise (on a stationery bike and treadmill) so now exercise is something I look forward too as opposed to dreading :)
  57. Amanda Jasinski says
    I have joined a CSA and keep my fresh veggies and fruits right at eye level in the fridge. I stick to realistic portions and have limited the amount of meat I eat.
  58. My tip is to try to get healthy as a family. Your kids and spouse deserve to be healthy too! It is important for the kids to learn how to take care of their bodies while they are young. It is a family matter!
  59. We don't watch tv... only movies, we walk whenever possible, plan our meals around fruits and veggies, versus meat and stay active with all sports! :)
  60. we walk the dogs, eat healthy, try and eat organic and safe!
  61. Mia McGregor says
    My tip is to go walking every day in the morning. Also, I start each morning with a good high protein breakfast of around 30 grams of protein. This keeps me going and feeling energized.
  62. My secret has taken years to perfect, it is Moderation. I have found that the key for me staying trim is to not over due anything. If I am craving chocolate I dont eat a bar of it I eat a square. If I have to have cheese I have a tiny bite. It always satisfies my craving. Also I exercise whenever I can :) I make it my priority like making the bed.
  63. Anji Renfro says
    I am not healthy and fit...I used to be....but after having kids I gained so much weight, and then I just let myself go. It's funny how as a woman sometimes we let society tell us how we should look...because when I was thin, I looked in the mirror and saw a fat I am fat, and look at my pictures back then, and think to myself, wow...I was really thin then...why couldn't I have seen that then?? Now I want to be healthy, especially for my son and I work out to Richard Simmon's Sweatin' to the Oldies,'s fun and funny too!!! He is in football now, and I want to show him that it's not just him having to work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, I would like to win this giveaway because I am starting to try and make a difference in my lifestyle.
  64. sarah hinhart says
    Drinking lots os water
  65. I actually pack Almonds if I am hungry..they are low calories, healthy and a filler