One Soap Cleans All! Kiss My Face Castile Soap ~Review~

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Am I just completely out of the loop?  Until just a few weeks ago I’d heard of castile soap, but had no idea what in the world it was.  I knew it was soap, duh, but did you know that it is basically an all purpose cleaner?  When I say all purpose, I mean all purpose.  You can wash your hair with castile soap, clean your counters, toilets, and floors.  You can use it as body wash.  I wouldn’t recommend brushing your teeth with it though. 🙂

Kiss My Face all natural castile soap.

Give Peace Soap a chance! Peace & love….some things never go out of style. Combining organic olive oil with coconut, hemp & jojoba oils for luxurious lather & mildness, we have created a totally pleasurable cleaning experience- from head to toe, ceiling to floor, our castile soap cleans skin & much more. Veggie, countertop, dishes or sweater, it does it all & it does it better.

Kiss My Face all natural castile soaps are biodegradable and environmentally safe. The soaps are a vegetable based vegan formula.  There are no parabens, phthalates, or artificial fragrances.

If you’ve never used castile soap before I highly recommend doing some internet searches on how to use castile soap.

I tried using it as shampoo, but I’ve yet to perfect the dilution that is right for my hair.  As a side note, if you do try castile soap in your hair note that it will take your scalp a few days to adjust.  Because of all the harsh chemicals in traditional shampoos, our scalps produce extra oils to protect itself.  Castile soaps have no harsh chemicals and your scalp will cut back on the oil production once it gets used to the new routine.

The absolute no-brainer, easiest-peasiest use for castile soap is foaming had soap.  Depending on how much you pay for your bottle of castile soap, a full dispenser of foaming hand soap can cost less than $0.20!  Making it is super easy.  Simply fill up the bottle most of the way with water.  Then pour about 1 tablespoon Kiss My Face castile soap in.  Make sure there is enough empty space for the pumper as foaming pumps tend to displace quite a lot of liquid.

You can purchase a 34 oz bottle of Kiss My Face Peace Soap, All Purpose Castile Soap for $12-$16 on

10% of the profits go to Seeds of Peace, a program dedicated to empowering young leaders from regions of conflict with the leadership skills required to advance reconciliation and coexistence.

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  1. Interesting. I had no idea that Kiss Made Face made a castile soap. I've always used Dr. B's. Good stuff. May have to try this brand, too.
  2. I've never heard of this brand before. That's why I love blogs like yours so I can learn about new products out there! I love the fact that it foams when you squirt it! Lovely!
  3. Just picked up some Kiss Your Face Castile soap (pure luck finding it while looking through Winners store to see if by chance they had castile soap!). My main reason for looking for castile soap is because of a recent moderate to severe flair up of my eczema on hands. After a bit of reading, I concluded the best thing to try right now that would be free of any chemicals and preservatives would be a castile soap...still looking for a 100% olive oil castile soap but when I saw the Kiss Your Face one I grabbed it and ran!! I made some foaming soap with it and seems to work well but I wonder if you are to dilute it to use as a body wash?? Would appreciate your input on how you have used yours.
    • Here is what I do with mine for body wash. You can use it straight, but I didn't like the soapy residue feeling that it left. I use a foaming soap bottle (one that will allow for a generous pump of soap) and then fill about 1/3 of the bottle with water (perhaps start with a little less water til you find the consistency you like). I then put 4 or so tablespoons of aloe (I've never heard of anyone doing that, but it is sooo nice on the skin and is great for my son's eczema). Fill the remainder with castile soap. I don't like using it in my hair, but it works fine in my boys' thinner short hair. Also, if you happen to have children, it is great for them to as it is tear free (I think...I've never deliberately poured it in their eyes, LOL, but they don't seem to react any differently when this gets in their eyes than they do when water gets in their eyes. Don't be concerned if you find that it doesn't lather up like traditional body wash.
      • Thanks for the information. I'll give it a try...just have to go out and find another foaming soap bottle! Also, thanks for the tip about adding aloe to to the health store for pure aloe gel (unlike the aloe gel I picked up last year for sunburn that has a label leading you to believe it's pure aloe until you read the fine print ingredient list!).
  4. Hi, i'm curious how this compares with dr.bronner's.I've never used kiss my face castile,but i've used many of their other products for years.I have sensitive skin and bronner's seems to make me itch after a bath,maybe i never got the dilution right. Was just curious which one is better? Thanks.:-)
    • I've never used Dr. Bronner's so I wouldn't be able to tell you about that. I found though, that, after prolonged use with very hard water, the castile soap dried out my skin too much. Perhaps you're having a similar problem with Dr. Bronner's???