20 Date Night Ideas to help you Get Out of the Dating Rut

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20 Date Night Ideas

Lately my husband and I have been in a dating rut. All we ever do is go out to dinner and a movie or if we can’t get a baby-sitter we order take out and eat it while we watch a movie on netflix. Boring!!! Well, actually, I really enjoy it, but my husband is getting a little tired of it.

About a month ago a city nearby was having their annual city days and they had a carnival there.  I talked to my husband’s little brother, and we planned a double date to do dinner and the carnival. We totally kept it a secret from my hubby. The whole day my husband kept trying to figure out what we were doing and where we were going. It was so much fun to keep him guessing. Well, when we finally got there he was totally surprised!

We didn’t do a ton because the prices were outrageous, but we played a game and went on a ride–it was lots of fun! Afterward my husband told me how much fun he had and how it was a wonderful surprise!

Having such a great time on that date got me thinking.  I started to make a list of fun date night ideas.

Here are some great Date Night Ideas that I came up with:

  1. Play a game of tennis.
  2. Collect all your pocket change and see how much food you can get off the Dollar Menu.
  3. Train for a 5/10k together.
  4. Hit a bucket of balls at the driving range.
  5. Go target shooting, or paintballing.
  6. Make dinner playing by the rules of the show Chopped (Basically you draw 3 or 4 random ingredients out of a basket and try and make a meal from those ingredients).
  7. Organize a game night with other couples in the neighborhood.
  8. Go to a book store, sit in the children’s section and read each other your favorite childhood books.
  9. Go restaurant hopping.  Eat your appetizer at one restaurant, main course at another. restaurant, and dessert at yet another restaurant.  You’ll want to allow a couple hours for this one.
  10. Go on a picnic in a park or botanical garden.
  11. Grab a blanket, drive into the mountains, or just away from the city lights, and have fun stargazing.
  12. Take ballroom dance lessons.
  13. Find a dance hall and go dancing.
  14. For a daytime date try an outdoor sport together: snowshoeing, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, trail walking, climbing, cycling, etc.
  15. Have a friend watch your kids at their house, order dinner in, put on some Sinatra, and enjoy the peace, quiet.  Be careful, things can get a little naughty when the kids aren’t around!

Romance isn't just for teenagers...Romance Isn’t Just for Teenagers…(Image Credit)

If you can’t get out cause you just can’t get a sitter or you’re trying to save money try these:

  • Get your man in the kitchen and make a yummy desert together.  Eat it on the porch, the patio, or somewhere else comfy and quiet.
  • Play an old school video game together. (Did any of you ladies play video games when you were a kids? I know I (Amy) did!)
  • Fondue! Get a variety of delicious melting cheeses and chocolates and enjoy a delicious night in.
  • Start a fire in the fireplace, light some candles, and enjoy the romance that follows!
  • Take an evening bubble bath together.
What are some date night ideas that you may have tried or are wanting to try?

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  1. I think some people confuse comfortable predictability with a rut. But either way these are good tips!
    • Lol, I agree with you Darcy. I am often very comfortable sitting at home watching a movie with the husband. Because I often blog in the evenings, watching a movie at home together is often a nice change. Nevertheless, there are times when you get in a rut and you've gotta spice things up a bit. When those times come I'm often a little stumped about what would be fun to do.
  2. It is sooo hard. I only have 2, but my 18 month old HATES to be away from mommy. It is so sad leaving him for very long. Thankfully he's getting very comfortable with some new friends of ours and did okay when we left him with them to go watch a movie last weekend (it was the hub's and my first date since before he left for Air Force training in July). The only time my husband and I have been able to go on regular dates was when we did a babysitting swap with a few friends of ours. Each couple would take turns watching all the kids each week so that the other couples in the group could go out. It was awesome. Perhaps soon your oldest will be old enough to watch the kids while you and your husband go out on a short date. :)
  3. I so know what you mean about the dating rut. My husband just told me he is taking me on a cruise for my birthday and I AM SUPER DUPER EXCITED!!! Just me and him together :) I'll miss the kids but really I can't wait, were going to have so much fun....LOL...see you can tell I need this :p Thanks for the tips.
  4. Fun ideas! Sometimes we like to just go on drives and enjoy the scenery or take a short daytrip to a nearby town. (Not so much anymore with gas prices though, ha ha!)
  5. We've taken up geocaching... it usually combines getting a nice walk in with a little mystery... and it's usually free!
  6. We have date night at home since we can't afford a sitter every night and we want to have a date night every week. We've done massages, gone on walks, watched our wedding viedo, looked though our pictures from when we were dating, and had beer tasting nights. It really doesn't matter what we do as long as we take time to be together without the kids once a week. In over two years, we've only missed one week!
  7. I pinned this page so I can come back and look when I need ideas. My husband and I love to go putt putting, our local putt putt has arcade games and a go cart track, we have tons of fun! Laser tag is also a lot of fun and a good alternative to paint ball for those who have a low pain tolerance (like me :). A picnic in a park is also a good one for good weather especially if you are on a budget. One I really enjoy is going to a furniture store and comparing what we like and don't like (actually this works in almost any store) You know what, I think I need to write a blog post about this too, it will help me keep my ideas in one place :)
  8. these are all great ideas! it gets tough after ahwile
  9. nicole dz says
    Me and my hubby need a date night, these are all great idea. I would love to go dancing or even go to a ball game together!
  10. I don't have any really creative ideas. I like going to farms (flower farms, dairy farms) and farmers' markets, I did once try ballroom dancing, and it was fun, but my partner got really good fast, and I was still stomping on feet all over the place, but lots of laughs and giggles, and fun to be twirling!