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Just in time for the upcoming release of the Sarah Jessica Parker movie I Don’t Know How She Does It, Eversave, one of the top three daily deal sites with deals targeted toward women and their families, surveyed more than 700 mothers to find out how they “do it all.”

In the film, Parker’s character, a working mother, lies awake at night mentally running through her “list” of things she needs to do. In reality, 90 percent of the respondents said they lie awake at night thinking about the things they need to get done. For both mothers who work outside the home and those who parent full-time, the same concerns keep them awake:

–        Money stress: 71%

–        Worrying about their kids: 53%

–        Finding time for their spouse/significant other: 45%

–        Preparing meals/managing the household: 33%

During waking hours, the majority of moms said they never finish their to-do lists, and as a result they take some pretty creative steps to get it all done. In fact, moms will:

–        Stuff clutter into closets or dirty dishes into the oven before guests come over: 66%

–        Serve their children fast food more than once per week: 58%

–        Give in to a child’s temper tantrum in order to save time: 47%

–        Let children dress in mismatched clothes to get to school/work on time: 38%

Although working moms and stay-at-home moms differ on what the hardest thing is about being a mother—the top response was keeping the house clean among working mothers and trying to stay calm in stressful situations for stay-at-home mothers.

So, how do I compare to the stats?

The last time I had an “I-don’t-know-how-she-does-it day” was sometime last week. I cleaned the kitchen, picked up the house, vacuumed the house, walked my son to and from school, and had dinner ready on time.  It will probably be another month until all that happens again (at once, I mean).

The nagging task on my current to-do list is to finish the laundry.   Why, oh why does it torment me with its unendingness?!

How you get “me-time”? I don’t usually, unless you consider the quiet time I spend blogging each evening.  I’ve never had a manicure, a pedicure, or a spa treatment.  With a husband working on a Ph.D. “me” dates are few and far between.  I really enjoyed going by myself to get my hair cut last weekend.  I’m so rarely by myself that it’s almost twilight zone-ish.

What I’d love to do for some “me-time”? I’ve secretly been wanting a pedicure!  I would love for someone to make my feet look pretty again.

“Regardless of how busy they are, all moms make their children a priority. Where women skimp: “me time.” Thirty-five percent of the moms polled find time for themselves once a month and their preferred way to spend that time is pampering themselves with manicures, pedicures, facials and other spa treatments.”

In support of all moms who “do it all,” Eversave is sponsoring a special Back-to-Beauty promotion featuring spa-centric deals in all of its local markets so moms everywhere can save money and enjoy some much needed “me time”!


To honor all you awesome moms who do it all Eversave is sponsoring a giveaway to Junellia Skin and Body Care spa! One winner will win 3 saves (Eversave value: $57, Actual value: $240!)

Because Eversave is a deal site with location specific deals, this deal/giveaway is valid only at Junellia Skin & Body Care in San Antonio, Texas.

You can also purchase this save! Here are the Giveaway/Deal Details:

  • Junellia Skin & Body Care
  • Merchant URL-
  • $19 for a 30-minute Spa manicure and a 60-minute Spa pedicure and $25 gift voucher toward their next appointment at $45 or more ($80 Value)
  • Limit 3 Saves per person, may buy multiple Saves as gifts, use one Save per visit, not to be combined with other offers, does not apply to medical manicure or medical pedicure.
  • New members will get this deal at $16 for when they use their $3 credit
  • If customer rebooks another appointment at the time of service, Eversave will also give the customer $5 in Save rewards

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Disclosure: I will be compensated in the form of a “save” for this post.  Everything I said is true. My opinions and experiences are my own and no one else’s. 🙂


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  1. Ok, so I totally have "I don't know how she does it" moments when I think about my sisters! I need to fit in so much on the weekends while not working that my daughter asked why we always have something to do and don't get to sit down. It was a little of a wake up call that she (and I) need fun time! It is nice to be reminded that I'm not the only one that struggles to balance. :)
    • Thanks for entering Kim! I'm sitting on my couch in the middle of a messy living room trying to ignore the fact that the Husband will be home any minute and I should clean up...not one of those "I don't know how she does it all days", haha. I blame the sun. It sucked everything out of me today. I think it was near 100 today. Blah.
  2. I leave the kids at home with my husband and go shopping - ok - it's more like browsing, but it's just me and my thoughts! :D
  3. I put the kids to bed early, so I can have that relaxing moment to watch a movie or catch up with twitter in peace.