2000 Follower Celebration!!! Shhh…there’s a secret Giveaway inside!

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I know it has been a couple weeks, but I made it!  I hit my 2000 follower mark!  Boy, that feels good.  It has been just over 13 months since I started my blog and it’s been a lot of work, but it’s been fun!

To celebrate, I wanted to do something to say thank you to all my followers and fans.  Without you, Oh So Savvy Mom would just be me talking to an unresponsive computer screen.  That’s not very fun.

So I thought I’d sponsor a little giveaway, or two, or three.  After asking a few people I decided that it would be best to spread out the items into different giveaways as opposed to one prize pack.  That way more people will have a chance to win! Yay!

Oh, and one other thing.  I really wanted this celebration to be for those who follow my blog, twitter, and facebook so I won’t be advertising these giveaways far and wide.  Again, a plus for you! Fewer entrants to compete with.

So here is the first prize to be won!

(Sorry, I can’t find my cord to import my photos.)  Here are the exact items on Green Sprout’s website.

Sippy Cups. Comes with 3 cups, 3 lids, 1 travel lid

SproutWare Snack Cups. Comes with 4 cups, 4 lids.

Toddler cutlery. 5 forks and 5 spoons.

Plate and bowl set. The bowl doubles as a travel lid.

Here is a little description of Sprout Ware:
New! Petroleum free! Made from plants! Multi-use disposable Sprout Ware are dishwasher safe, top rack only up to 10 washings; hand wash for longer life.
The dyes used in the colors are food safe dyes.
One winner will win all of the Sprout Ware items shown above! (retail value $24)

Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by myself. I was in no way compensated.


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Amy is mom to three, wife to one, and a sister and aunt to many. Her family is a former military family now settled in Lehi, Utah. Oh So Savvy Mom began as a way for Amy to share parenting and product advice with others. Just as she has evolved, Oh So Savvy Mom has evolved into a resource for Healthy Living for Families, Food, Parenting, and Family Travel.


  1. LOL, you'll probably have to wait until there is a an Oh So Savvy Mom baby until you see those giveaways. If you cloth diaper there will be a big one of those giveaways coming up soon. :)
  2. more reviews...I love your reviews xoxoxo
  3. Tami Vollenweider says
    I'm new here,but I would Love to see more Litlle Girl Giveaways,especially Tutu's
    • LOL, I'll have to work on that one! I only have little boys and I didn't think my husband would appreciate them parading around in tutus so I haven't tried reviewing any yet. Thankfully, I have added a blogger to my team who has a 4 year old girl so we'll see if we can do more girly things. :)
  4. Kelli Guilbeau says
    Well, more giveaways of course. Just kidding. You are doing a great job. Congrats on your milestone.
  5. I love seeing your opinion posts on parenting the most! Keep 'em coming! :) Congrats on the 2,000 followers!!
  6. Congrads on 2000!! Your awesome I would like to see more reviews and giveaways on kids of ALL ages and keep and the great blog
  7. Congrats on the followers! Holiday gift guides, or something to that effect would be awesome.
  8. I'd love to see some more home improvement, diy or great deals/how to's on the home. Home decorating, home functionality etc. Congrats on the new followers!
  9. Colleen Maurina says
    Congrats on 2000 followers! I like to check your blog for low entry giveaways so I guess I would like to see more of that. And of course I read your blog and enter your giveaways all the time. Keep them coming!
  10. Allison Lewis says
    <3 your blog the way it is! Congrats :)
  11. I actually love everything you do from your own giveaways to your low entry linky so I say keep up the good work! Congrats on 2000 and heres to the next 2000!!!
  12. Would love more book reviews, recipes, and giveaways!
  13. Sabrina Radke says
    I really look forward to your low entry giveaway linky every day! I have linked up on some of your follow hops however and don't get the follow back from you or the hosts which is disappointing although I assume you are busy :)
    • Hi Sabrina, I'm so sorry that you've had trouble with feed me friday. I try to follow back everyone that follows, but occasionally there are hiccups like the GFC widget being down or my own oversight. I'm so sorry. I have seen your name on my comments before so I'm assuming that you've commented on Feed Me Friday. If you send me your blog link (it isn't automatically connected on your comment) I'll come and follow right away.
      • Sabrina Radke says
        Hi! I am just now seeing this response! Sorry abou that! My link is www.ecobabymamadrama.com, thanks for your support!
  14. Stay tuned...I have quite a few in the works. *wink*
  15. Stay tuned...I'll have one coming up in a few weeks and then Merry Fluffy Christmas is just around the corner!
  16. penny hyde says
    congrats!!!! i love it all!
  17. Kristin Sawatzke says
    Maybe more baby furniture giveaways!
  18. I'm a giveaway fan. :)
  19. Congrats on the followers! I'm not picky I love (and appreciate) any giveaway. We have a big family so we enter a wide range of giveaways from toys to food!
  20. More giveaways. I love getting gift cards.