Wordless Wednesday: You Call That a Lawn!

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Little Brother doing yard work with Daddy

Can you even call this a lawn???

The Husband, who once took such pride in is yard, has been forced to accept a sad water restricted lawn.  This is what one watering day per week restrictions will do to a lawn.


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  1. Our lawn looked like that a few week ago. Now some parts have greened up, a few areas a dead and we are overrun by weeds (who thrived without water).
    • Our front yard had some nice green weeds when we moved in and I almost felt bad pulling them. :(
  2. Tara Oliver says
    oh no, once a week? that's awful! we water ours maybe 3 times a week (though it might only be twice) and we have brown spots. but we don't have water restrictions, I don't think....... well, it's a cute photo nonetheless. :)
    • We are in San Antonio now and Texas is in the midst of a bad drought. We get to water once a week, just often enough so that the grass doesn't die completely.
  3. *Sigh* I know how you feel. Our lawn now only consists of crushed rock with the occasional weed. You know, Astro turf may not be such a bad idea. . . that way Steve can still take pride in his lawn without any of the work! ;) Love the picture of little brother. So cute.
  4. Darlene Ysaguirre says
    That pretty much looks like my lawn right about now..so sad needs some rain lovin lol