Wind and Weather Home Decor Review

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Wind & Weather first opened it’s doors in Northern California in 1976.  Since then it has been providing shoppers with high quality weather instruments and distinctive yard and home decor. Somewhat unique to the retail field, their customer service staff is trained staff “is trained to match each request with the appropriate product specifications to ensure complete satisfaction with every purchase.”

I don’t have much use for weather instruments, but I love Wind & Weather’s home and yard departments.  I like to imagine all the things I would add to my yard and home decor if I had an unlimited budget.   At some point I would love to get a rain barrel–not so useful in San Antonio this year where there is no rain.  This one is beautiful!  I love the planter in the top.

For now I chose something I’ve been wanting since I had my own place.  I’ve always wanted a wind chime.  I love their ethereal melodies.  Wind & Weather has quite a few different types of wind chimes.  I knew I wanted an aluminum wind chime and as soon as I listened to the sound clip of the Pachelbel Canon in D Bronze and Aluminum Wind Chime I knew that this was the one I wanted.

The Pachelbel Canon in D wind chime is 2 windchimes in one.  Inside the outer set of tubes is a set of 4 small rods.  The wind chime is named the Pachelbel Canon in D because the rods and tubes have been tuned to the sounds of of Pachelbel’s Canon in D melody.

I’m glad that I didn’t consult The Husband before I ordered this because, come to find out, he really doesn’t care for wind chimes. Given that he dislikes them so I was very impressed when I opened them and he noted that they are really quite pleasant. 🙂  And they are!  The sound quality is beautiful.  The only thing is…it’s really quite windy here in San Antonio right now.  The wind chimes are fine during the day, but I’m going to have to consult the neighbors about how they feel about the windchimes going at night.  For now I will enjoy the melody they play outside my front door.

Buy It:

The Pachelbel Canon in D Bronze and Aluminum Wind Chime can be purchased at for $39.95.


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