The Smurfs: A Magical Smurf Adventure ~Review~

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Get your Smurf on with this 2-disc set of 10 Smurftacular Episodes! In a hidden village dwells a clan of magical creatures, living in mushroom houses and taking showers with dewdrops. They’re those international celebrities known far and wide as the Smurfs — and they’re back on DVD. This itty-bitty powder-blue crew, including Brainy, Lazy, Vanity and Smurfette, is led by the wise, gentle and 542-year-old Papa Smurf. Gargamel, the local evil wizard, is forever scheming against the tiny team but our little friends outsmurf him every time! The Smurfs may only be three apples high, but they left miles of smiles on the faces of Saturday morning cartoon fans from 1981 to 1989!  Smurf it up again with this colorful collection of superior Smurftainment!

I remember watching the smurfs every Saturday morning when I was a kid.  Yes, I am old enough to remember watching the original episodes when they aired.  And, who doesn’t remember the “la, la, lalala, lalala, la…” theme song.  The Smurfs: A Magical Smurf Adventure is just as enjoyable to watch now as it was when I was a kid. –Okay, so I admit, I don’t watch it every Saturday morning over a bowl of cheerios like I used to, but I was really quite excited to revisit this part of my childhood.

Now that I’m grown I can enjoy watching Smurfs for nostalgia sake, and I love that my children can watch Smurfs because I know that Smurfs is free of rude language, violence, and the other stuff that pervades kids shows.  I love Gargamel’s antics and the ultra-personality filled Smurfs.

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The Smurfs: A Magical Smurf Adventure was released on July 19th and can be purchased on
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