Oransi Robby Wash Ball ~ Review

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The Robby Wash ball has to be just about the most convenient laundry detergent method out there.  There is absolutely no effort involved in the actual use of it–well, you do still have to actually put your clothes in the washing machine, silly.  The Robby Wash ball also virtually eliminates the chance of you forgetting to put the laundry detergent in–am I the only one who does that–because you can leave the ball in the washing machine in between loads.

When I received the Robby Wash Ball, I put it straight to work.  Remember that Wordless Wednesday post about my sisters nasty bedroom?  Well, within 3 days of being opened the Robby Wash Ball had done about 15 loads of laundry!  Some of the clothes I washed reeked prior to washing.  When I pulled them out of the washer after the wash cycle they just smelled like water; no more stench!

The Robby Wash ball is unscented. I like this because I, personally, prefer unscented laundry detergent.  My babies tend to have very sensitive skin (Little Brother is having an eczema outbreak right now), and I prefer to avoid putting anything unnecessary on their skin.

Some of you know I cloth diaper my little guy.  When I began using the Robby Ball I had a question about whether the Robby Wash Ball is cloth diaper safe.  I was informed that, yes, it is cloth diaper safe.  With that said, even though it is safe for cloth diapers, the Robby Wash ball is not the best for heavy duty soils–and diapers aren’t anything but.  It doesn’t leave any residue on the diapers so I like to throw it in with the prewash and then do a regular wash with another cloth diaper friendly detergent. For info about how the Robby Wash works check out this page.

The benefits of the Robby Wash ball don’t end there.  The Robby Wash ball is an extremely economical way to launder your clothes. Here are the Robby Wash ball’s money-saving benefits:

– 10 ounces of Robby Wash ball replaces 75 lbs. of traditional laundry detergent
– environmentally friendly.
– One Robby Wash ball lasts up to 12 months. The ball itself will last 3 years.
– One Robby Wash ball will save more than $100+ over 120 washes
– One Robby Wash ball is only $32.95 and lasts one year! This includes refills.
– It is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and safe
– commonly used in Europe with baby laundry (as well as adults’ laundry).
– Third party tested, proven and guaranteed to clean better than traditional powder laundry detergent.

For even more benefits of the Robby Wash ball check out this page.

Buy It:
The Robby Wash ball comes in 2 colors.  The blue ball is for both hot and cold laundry, and the fuchsia is for cold laundry loads.  Each Robby Wash ball comes with 3 refill packets and a stain stick.  The Robby Wash ball can be purchased for $32.95. You can purchase 24 months of refill packets for only $49.00.


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  1. I had not heard of this company before and I was very interested. I found a fridge air purifier that sounds wonderful. As of now I use the old baking soda thing which doesn't cut it for some strong smells (ie onions). If it works as works as well as the wash ball did for you, I'll be delighted!
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  3. Thank you for your review! I was trying to find out more about the Robby Wash ball because I was recently given the Do-Gooder award from Greenerful.com and they gave me a bunch of points to use towards products on the site -- and this was one I was considering getting! Thank you again so much!!