My Baby Zoo Sleep Trainer Review

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Quite a while ago Big Brother got it in his head that the moment the sun rises in the morning it is time to get up.  Like most 3-4 year olds he believes that waking up is a family event and that if one (meaning he) is up then all must be up.  From then on his wake up time just kept getting earlier and earlier.  I don’t stay up extremely late, but 5:30 am is not even on my radar of awakeness.  It was then that I began searching around for sleep trainers.  Immediately I was struck by the simple, cute, kid friendly design of My Baby Zoo Sleep Trainer.

The My Baby Zoo Sleep Trainer has both a digital (24 hour style) clock and an analog clock.    You use the digital clock to program the alarm for what time you’d like your child to wake up/stay in bed until.  We set ours for 7am.  When you turn the alarm on the monkey’s eyes will shut and will stay shut until the alarm goes off.  There is a volume knob on the back of the clock that you can turn for optional jungle sounds.  We leave the volume all the way down on the (really) off chance that Big Brother will sleep in.  I have not used this as an alarm clock yet, so I’m not sure whether the jungle sounds will be loud enough to wake him up or not.  I’m guessing that they will be because I have a sneaking suspicion that Big Brother is occasionally awoken by the sound of the monkeys eyes opening.  The mechanical sound the clock makes when the eyes open is a little loud. I’m excited that the clock is equipped with both a digital and analog clock.  This will come in handy when we teach Big Brother how to tell time.  Little Brother (18 mos) is still too young to understand the concept of the sleep trainer, but I imagine that it will come in handy for him, too, in not too long.

Buy It: You can purchase the Baby Zoo Sleep Trainer/Alarm Clock at for $39.99.


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