Be Prepared: Rayovac Roughneck Flashlight ~Review & #Giveaway~

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Emergency preparedness.  It’s a big deal, right?  The electricity goes out and you scramble to find the flashlight cause someone forgot to put it away last time they used it.  When you finally do find it, you switch it on only to realize that, “Seriously?!  The batteries are dead!”

I can’t tell you how many times this very scenario has happened to me.

Rayovac’s Roughneck LED flashlight helps you avoid those scenarios.  Now, if you leave these flashlights out after you use them they aren’t going to sprout legs and put themselves away, but the L.E.D will provide 4 hours of 120 lumens light. You won’t have to worry about finding your flashlight only to discover it is out of juice.  I reviewed the Roughneck 120 Lumen Focus Control flashlight. The 120 lumens is quite bright.  This flashlight would be great in many scenarios.  It is advertised as work light, but because it would also be a great camping flashlight, and for general use at home.

The Rayovac Roughneck is designed for use in even in situations that require rough handling.  The top and bottom of the flashlight are cushioned with rubber and can withstand falls of up to 10 feet—Little Brother tested this immediately by launching it off the chair he was sitting in.  It is also equipped with a “hang ring” on the bottom just in case you need to secure the flashlight to something or if you’re looking for convenient storage.

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  1. Letisha Tse says
    Since we have two young children, we talk about the weather before it happens (if possible) and continue to talk about it as it happens. It greatly reduces the number of (bad) surprises.
  2. We have 72 hour kit at home
  3. We have non-perishables, bottled water, and batteries. Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com
  4. We have a generator, lots of candles, and lots of extra food and water!
  5. We stocked up on first aid, food, and water during hurricane season plus we always have a suitcase with original docs, essential and clothes ready - (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)
  6. Jessica Peeling says
    We have a generator, and a lot of extra food stored in the pantry.
  7. Laura Emerson says
    Because we were hit so hard by Hurricane Katrina we decided to make a emergency kit. We always make sure there are good batteries inside, soap, flashlight, radio, snacks and other items. We also keep copies or originals of important documents in waterproof bags.
  8. Shari Lynn Alligood says
    My family always has an emergency kit of supplies such as blankets, canned foods, water, soap, and a generator for emergencies
  9. The most common emergency here is loss of electric power, so we have lanterns and flashlights available.
  10. we live in Alaska so we know emergencies quite well sometimes. We have a complete disaster kit in our shed beheind our cabin. So far in the 4 years ive been here we have had a volcano erupt 80 miles from us, blinding blizzards that if i didnt keep extra food on hand we would of been in trouble), countless small earthquakes, forest fire (got within 1.5 miles from house on 4th of July).......hopefully that list wont grow--lol
  11. We live on the east coast so we have a hurricane kit with water, a first aid kit, extra food, charcoal and fluid, tape, a tarp, a radio, candles, blankets and extra clothes.
  12. My family prepares for emergencies by having an emergency supply box in our vehicle and basement and also to have a plan for where to meet in the neighborhood in case we get separated outside. reejen at comcast dot net
  13. We live in tornado country so we stay prepared. We have a basket in the closet (which is also our hidey hole) which contains flashlights, batteries, 2 NO BATTERY flashlights which work by winding them up, candles, 2 lighters, matches, a hand held radio, a combination radio/flashlight and I usually keep some kind of sealed packaged fruit snacks or gummy bears, a couple of children's books, some paper and a pack of eight jumbo crayons (to keep my granddaughter occupied which helps alleviate stress and panic for her). There are also two blankets and two pillows in the closet. I also make sure during tornado season that I know where my wallet is and keep everything important that I need in it. The only things I have to grab if we have a warning, my wallet, my brief case which contains important papers, birth certificates etc., and granddaughter's favorite bear. It's a good idea to have some things already stored away so that when that warning comes; you can grab the few things you want and take shelter. KNOWING ahead of time what 1 or 2 things you want to take with you is crucial. You don't have time to think about it when a storm is coming. The only thing that really matters is surviving the tornado so if something like your jewelry is the most important thing, it should be kept in one container, closed and ready to take to shelter....which leads to my final thought. Have a plan. That is the MOST IMPORANT criteria for disaster survival!
  14. Morgan Edger says
    My family already has a packed suitcase full of extra clothes and supplies in case we need to evacuate in a hurry.
  15. I keep extra batteries on hand and have a weather radio.
  16. we stock up on bottled water
  17. Veronica Garrett says
    We have an emergency kit for emergencies.
  18. Kerrie Mayans says
    We have three duffle bags of supplies in the coat closet to just grab if there is a fire or earthquake on our way out.
  19. We have an emergency generator for when the power goes out brich22 at earthlink dot net
  20. I have a kit which includes, water,flashlight, battery radio ,blanket and canned food.
  21. Randy Travis says
    My wife has our concrete closet filled with water, meds, flashlights, batteries, cat litter, cat food, canned goods, etc. It's almost like an old atom bomb shelter in there.
  22. My husband is obsessive about keeping jugs of water on hand.
  23. Stephanie Barmann says
    Panic, no really we break out the candles and talk about whats next.
  24. We make sure we have plenty of food and water.
  25. need a flashlight
  26. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says
    We have flashlights extra batteries and a generator.
  27. We keep everyone aware of where the flashlights are located along with what to do if a fire starts in the home.
  28. annette campbell says
    We live in hurricane alley in NC so we always have flashlights and batteries on hand
  29. barbara hunt says
    Thanks for the great contest!
  30. We have emergency prepackaged litter trays and pet carriers near the door to the garage.
  31. I have a plastic box with flashlight, batteries, matches, battery radio & blankets. Thanks!
  32. I do try and have bottled water on hand . I did realize last storm that I had no flashlight or any candles other than tapers. I hope to be more prepared next time.
  33. plenty of food and water ty.
  34. Deborah Todaro says
    We have an emergency plan and a spot that we are all to meet.
  35. Candles, bottled water, batteries,radio and a good evacuation plan.
  36. We keep a flashlight, some canned food, bottled water, and a radio for emergencies.
  37. We have a shelf for candles and matches along with the radio and batteries. We have a special rubbermaid box with emergency food for a week. Connie
  38. We keep lots of canned food and filtered water on hand for emergencies..... But we could always use another awesome flashlight!!
  39. I would love to follow your blog but don't see the GFC button. I see a line that says followers but there isn't anything under it.
  40. We stock up on bottled water.