Wordless Wednesday: Now That Is Just Nasty!

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This is what I’ve been doing for the past week.  This is my little sister’s room.  She, conveniently (for her), is in Florida.  The pictures really can’t capture the nastiness that dwelled herein.  I did NINE loads of laundry from this room, took out the trash that was breeding a host of fruit flies, and collected a kitchen garbage bag full of old food containers.  I worked on this room for 3 days before waving the white flag of defeat.  TEENAGERS!  Ick!


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  1. I feel your pain. I have three boys - make that two and a husband. There is always a mess to contend with!
  2. Teenagers really are the grosses people on the planet. No doubt.
    • I know, right. I remember being messy, but I was never that messy! Mom? Can you back me up here.
  3. Okay, so you get a big dumpster out in front of the house (hope no one drives into it) and load pretty much everything from that room into it. She should have most of her essentials anyway since she is gone for a month right? :) Okay, maybe not, but you are amazing! BTW the website looks awesome!
    • Thanks Kar! You should have told me about the dumpster idea before. That would have worked out perfectly. We could have just thrown everything right out the window and into a dumpster below. I guess there is still time. After the yard sale I'm going to give the room one more shot.
  4. LOL and I thought only I had troubles that is a Mess!