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Prescription Audio uses a unique combination of audio and sound therapies to help individuals relax, lower stress, improve sleep, support positive behavior change, and to build resiliency to the daily stress and pressure that surrounds us all. These therapies are combined in very specific ways to garner a desired response, such as relaxation, stress and anxiety reduction, insomnia treatment, reduction of cravings and the positive, holistic mind and body benefits of meditation. Repeated use will drastically improve your response to any program.

The Husband has a history of sleep problems, but he is well versed in meditation techniques and healthy sleep habits so I thought Nocturne would be perfect for him to review.

Here is his take on Perscription Audio’s Nocturne:

The Nocturne sleep program from Prescription Audio uses pleasant music and nature sounds to lull your mind into a peaceful state of relaxation so that you can fall asleep.  Nothing revolutionary there.  Prescription Audio claims that their product is unique, however, because it uses a “vibrational sound technology” called “Quantum Harmonics[trademarked]” to put your brain into the most deep, restful state of sleep possible.  Apparently the unique mixture of sounds played in an alternating pattern to one ear and then the other guides the brain into a Delta wavelength, which is the brainwave pattern most conducive to restful sleep.
I’m a busy dude with a lot on my mind.  It usually takes me about an hour to fall asleep from the time my head its the pillow.  If I’m really stressed it can take me hours to fall asleep.  I’m familiar with how to maintain proper sleep hygiene (go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, no rigorous exercise or caffeine several hours before bedtime, etc.) and I’ve even tried various relaxation techniques.  If I can calm my mind, I can fall asleep.  At the very least, Nocturne did that.  The first night I used it I fell asleep in approximately 30 minutes and slept pretty soundly.  The second night I got sick of wearing earphones in bed and gave up after 20 minutes.  It took me about 30 minutes to fall asleep after that.  Prescription Audio’s website states that Nocturne was designed to be listened to in stereo with headphones, but can work when played from a freestanding speaker.
In addition to the audio track, Nocturne comes with advice about relaxing the body and quieting the mind.  These techniques are not unique to Prescription Audio products, but are tried-and-true methods of stress reduction that have been used for thousands of years in Eastern cultures.  These methods are known as “meditation” or “mindfulness” today.
Will Nocturne help the over-thinking insomniac quickly drift off into the tranquil seas of delta wave sleep night after night?  If you just stick your earbuds in and wait for it to hypnotize you, then probably not.  If you try to relax by clearing you mind and loosening your muscles, probably so.  That being said, I’m not sure if Nocturne is much different from just listening to Enya or your dishwasher.  If you couple proper relaxation techniques with calming audio you’re gonna sleep better.  I’d like to seem some randomized clinical trials comparing nocturne to other methods.  The brainwave stuff is based in generally accepted sleep science, but who knows if Nocturne’s unique blend of “Quantum Harmonics” really affect brainwave states as advertised.  Baring further scientific inquiry and based on my personal experience with the product, I’d say Nocturne could help any insomniac who is willing to give it a shot.
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You can purchase Nocturne, Chill (for stress relief), and Meditate from Prescription Audio for $34.95 each.
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