Clean, Messy Fun With Moon Dough! ~Review~

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Have you guys heard of Moon Dough?  I hadn’t until I received the opportunity to review Moon Dough’s new Magic Zoo play set.  I was a little concerned about how I might feel about having something like this in my house.  I hate play dough with a passion. The smell nauseates me, the cold, clammy texture grosses me out and I hate how it sticks in the carpet and everything else it comes in contact with.

When we pulled the Moon Dough out of the box I was intrigued by the texture.  When you squish it it feels a bit like a marshmallow.  The dough has a very dry feel, but when pressed together the moon dough will stick to itself and you can mold it.  When you break it apart it becomes very flaky.

My boys both loved the Magic Zoo playset.  The set comes with 3 animal molds, 3 colors of dough, and 1 main unit.  The main unit is really cool.  You load one of the animal molds with dough, slide it into a holding device and begin turning the crank.  The crank lowers the mold with dough down onto the wind-up walking feet while simultaneously winding the feet.  As soon as the mold is completely lowered the zoo character pops out and walks forward to greet you.  <—This is the part that Little Brother (18 months) goes crazy about.  He loves putting the dough in the mold, watching me turn the crank, and then laughing hilariously when the character pops out and begins walking.  Occasionally the character will get stuck and will not pop out on it’s own, but this seems to only happen when we fill the mold too full with dough.

Putting Moon Dough in the mold

Crankin' it down

Magic Zoo in action

TaDa! The finished product!

You can see in the first pictures that there is Moon Dough all over the table.  Moon Dough, as I said before, is flaky–extremely flaky.  Moon Dough, however, is miraculous because, even though it sticks to itself, it is dry.  Because it sticks to itself and nothing else it is very easy to pick out of the carpet.  Never once, in all the many times we’ve played with the Moon Dough has any dough been stuck in the carpet.  Cleaning up the mess is part of the fun Big Brother has with the Moon Dough. **Update: since writing this article, Moon Dough has come out with a less flaky formula that has replaced the old, flaky kinds in stores.

Overall I am very pleased with Moon Dough’s Magic Zoo, as are the boys.  This has become one of the most requested play activities in our house.  I love hearing little brother excitedly yell, “MOON NO!”

You can purchase Moon Dough’s Magic Zoo at your local retailer and at
(it’s on sale right now) for $21.77.


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  1. Michelle @ Things Sent My Way says
    It is so easy to clean up! It's more than worth the flakiness. I love that stuff!
    • I totally agree! It's flaky, but it only takes me about a minute to clean up. Less than that if there is nothing in the carpet. Totally worth it for the fun the kids have with it.
  2. This sounds like tons of fun. Definitely a lot easier to clean up than modelling clay.
  3. My son has been bugging me like crazy for this and I was not sure if... I guess I am getting it for his birthday next month. Your boys make it look like so much fun, might be sooner. Thanks!
  4. This sounds and looks like so much fun. Plus clean up is a breeze. Moon Dough is definitely going on the to buy list.
  5. This does sound like a great alternative to playdough. I HATE how play doh sticks to everything and that is why we rarely play with it! Thanks for sharing your experience!! :)