Yosemite & 5 Things You Should Never Do on Vacation

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Beautiful Yosemite Valley
The Suspension Bridge we crossed…
…the raging water under the suspension bridge we crossed.
 My brother crossing with Little Brother on his back.
 The dining hall at the Awahanee Hotel where we had a beautiful formal dinner.
What the kids did to entertain themselves at the formal dinner we attended…..
And last but not least wave hello to Half Dome!
And now for 5 things you should never do on a vacation to Yosemite….may you learn from my experiences.
  1. Never take a week long vacation with 2 small children without your spouse.
  2. Never think that when a mountain pass is labeled “CLOSED” that is must be a mistake.  
  3. Never take a toddler who is extremely shy and has a tendency to be afraid of all people outside of his immediate family (excepting his Mimi) to a family reunion with over 35 people…it will not be a pleasant experience.
  4. Never attempt to carry 30 lbs on your back multiple times a day for multiple days in a row.  Unless you are superwoman or have an amazing carrier the outcome will not be good.
  5. Never be afraid to let your child watch lots of movies with his cousins so that you can have a little break.
And ALWAYS be so GRATEFUL for all the wonderful FAMILY that helped you out the whole time!
Love you family! 

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  1. Wow! You are braver than I am to travel with kids without your spouse! Love the pics of Yosemite...it's on my list of parks I haven't seen yet and would love to take my son (and husband) some day!
    • I didn't have much of a choice. My husband had to work on his dissertation--such is the life of grad school. Is he done with his dissertation? Oh, no. LOL I love Yosemite! It was a reunion of sorts. My great-grandparents used to own a cabin there and we'd go up every summer when I was just a little kid.
  2. Gorgeous pictures! No, I would want help going places with a toddler. Those are some incredible places to be with a little one! Great memories to show though. The tips are great. Rita