The Car Trip from Hell to Paradise

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Here we are in beautiful Yosemite national forest!  We are having a wonderful time…getting here, however, was not so wonderful.  I’ll tell you a little tale of our car ride from h-e-……
The trip from Provo, UT to Wawona (little village in Yosemite) is estimated to take approximately 12 hours.  The entire trip is made on two lane highways!  Not my favorite when it came to passing the multitude of semis and motor homes, but really, all in all, not a big deal.  The trip was going well, and we were making great time.  It was not yet 6 pm and we only had about an hour left to go.  Things were going great, until….
Yep, that’s about 12-15 feet of snow on the right side of the picture.
That’s a frozen lake in the valley area.
 Absolutely beautiful!  Until that “road closed” sign.  We had driven to the top of the mountain, were about an hour from our destination, and had to turn around and find a different route.  That different route involved ascending another mountain, climbing from 4,000 ft to 9,600 feet on an extremely windy road, and then descending again.  Unfortunately, I have a little guy who is prone to carsickness and a mom, in the car ahead of me, who is prone to driving very fast–even through windy mountain passes.  We made 3 stops to let the little guy, pale as a sheet and sweating, to recover before resuming our drive.  We were on that mountain for 3 1/2 hours!  
At last!  We were almost there!….Not!
By that time it was almost 10pm (Utah time).  I’m not much of a night driver and very rarely find it possible to stay awake past 11pm.  
We continued driving until almost 1 am.
When we arrived in the general vicinity we continued to drive around for another 30 minutes trying to find the sinking cabins we were staying in–google maps, the fount of all geographical knowledge, was unable to help us.  With no cell phone reception, and even OnStar failing us, I was about ready to scream–or vomit, as I was also feeling quite carsick by this point.  Finally, my mom got cell reception and was able to wake someone in one of the cabins to give us directions.  It was so late by that time that I really don’t remember getting from that point to my bed.  From start to finish our 12 hour drive took us just under 18 hours.
Since then we’ve been having a great time.  Here are some fun pictures!
Big Brother, on the right, with his cousins.
Giant Sequoia
Toting a 26 pounder in the backpack is not an easy thing.
My brothers and sisters and our kids (I’m in the middle).
Bridal Veil falls
Half Dome

So Beautiful!


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  1. natalie nichols says
    I love it out there. So beautiful!
  2. Darlene Ysaguirre says
    Wow 18hrs glad you finally made it! i get prone to car sickness to im sure your little guy felt just terrible