The Willow Store Wool Dryer Balls ~ Review ~

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A couple months ago I read a review on wool dryer balls and I was intrigued.  By now you all know that we cloth diaper Little Brother.  Well, I had heard cloth diapering moms talking about using wool dryer balls for their diapers.  I just assumed it was something you used to keep wool diaper covers nice.  Boy was I ever wrong!

Here is what Wool Dryer Balls are really all about (from The Willow Store Website):

Wool Dryer Balls are the natural solution for softening your clothes without chemicals. Made completely from US wool, they help your clothes (and cloth diapers!) tumble dry softly, and reduce the drying time by up to half.
Great for all laundry. To use, simply toss 2-3 balls in your wet dryer and start. No need to remove them from the dryer, just reuse!

I went on Etsy and found some fairly inexpensive wool dryer balls.  I bought 6 because the shop said 6 is best for optimal drying time of heavy loads (e.g jeans and towels).  I was excited to try them. Using all 6 dryer balls shortened the drying time of heavy loads by about 10 minutes; from 60 minutes to 50 minutes.  I use hemp inserts, which take ages to dry, for Little Brother’s diapers and the difference in drying time was less noticeable.  Aside from all of that the etsy dryer balls were very heavy and made it sound like someone was jammin out to a subwoofer down in our basement.

Shortly after I bought the dryer balls on Etsy I learned that I would have the opportunity to review The Willow Store Wool Dryer Balls.  Even though I just bought some I thought I’d give it a go.  Maybe a few more dryer balls would help reduce the drying time a little more.

When I received the wool dryer balls from The Willow Store I immediately noticed how different they were from the ones I bought on etsy.  For one thing they are slightly smaller and MUCH lighter.  No more late night parties in our laundry room courtesy of the subwoofin dryer.

Considering I only had 3 dryer balls (compared to my other 6) I wasn’t expecting much difference in drying time.  Well, not only did these 3 dryer balls dry my clothes just as fast as the others they reduced drying time even more!  The clothes came out with less static compared to the other dryer balls.  Though, because I live in one of the driest states in creation, there is still some static (it is comparable to using a dryer sheet).  I love that these don’t leave any residue like fabric softeners and dryer sheets do.  They are totally natural, great for sensitive skin, and will save loads of money over fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

Buy It:
You can purchase The Willow Store Wool Dryer Balls for $6.95 each or 3 for $19.95.


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