Search For the Fountain of Youth with Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides!

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Last night I had the awesome opportunity to attend an IMAX 3D screening of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.  Let me just say that it was awesome.  First off, I’d never seen a movie (like other than the old school IMAX documentaries) on IMAX.  Secondly, it was only the second time I’d ever seen a movie in 3D.  Let me just say it was very cool!  I felt like I was really in the movie, walking on the streets, and through the jungles with the characters.

Here is a fun trailer:

I thought the movie was highly entertaining, but then, I think Jack Sparrow is hilarious.  Johnny Depp definitely keeps the action filled with hilarity. The story is great…I wouldn’t take my young kids to it though (though I did see quite a few in the theater we were in…I don’t get that), but that’s just me.  At one point in the movie, the pirates ventured down into a cave lagoon or “wet cave”.  I immediately recognized the cave as one of the wet caves on Kauai, and had to lean over an brag to The Husband that I’d gone swimming there before. 🙂
So, we’re on the countdown!  Who is planning on seeing Pirates when it comes out this weekend?!
To help celebrate, Disney has created an awesome activity pack for kids! It includes face masks, coloring sheets, door hangers, mazes, etc. and can be found inside thelink below.

You can find movie clips and fun games on the Pirates of the Caribbean facebook page.


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