If you Entered any of my Giveaways on Wednesday or Thursday PLEASE READ!

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Due to the Great Blogger Blackout on Thursday I not only lost my Wednesday and Thursday post but all giveaway entries entered on Wednesday or Thursday have been erased as well.  *update: it seems the posts are being restored.  I don’t know yet if the comments are being restored, so when “recommenting” please make a note on your comment that you are doing so.  That way I can sort everything out if the comments are eventually restored.  Thanks!*

If you entered any of my giveaways after 2:58 AM on 5/11 up until when service resumed this morning/early afternoon.  Please reenter your entries.

I had already chosen the 3 winners for the Teamotions giveaway, but had not yet chosen the Plow & Hearth Winner.  *sigh* I am very sorry.  If you entered the $50 Plow & Hearth giveaway on Wednesday (it was supposed to end Wed. night) your entries have been erased. I will give everyone a chance to redo their lost entries.  

I am re-opening $50 to Plow and Hearth until Sunday night! 5/15
Lilac Clothing Flap Denim Shorts will also stay open til Sunday night! 5/15  

None of the other giveaway end dates will be affected, however please make sure you reenter any entries for those giveaways as well.

Please email me at amy(at)ohsosavvymom.com if you have any questions or concerns. 


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