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When Amy asked me if I would like try and review a new stretch mark cream for her blog I was very excited. I had purchased a popular stretch mark cocoa butter very early on in my pregnancy and had been applying it on my growing belly every evening before bed. I thought I had bested the stretch mark fairy when to my disappointment I found a couple small red lines sprouting on my love handles around 6 1/2 months. By 8 months, my baby marks were like red and purple flames licking up a cauldron – all over my belly and sides.

The above picture is me at 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant – just a few days before I had my baby.
I’ll let Apothederm introduce themselves to us:    
            We are a Seattle based specialty dermatology biotech working on the latest research in the development of bioactive peptides.  With a company history of over 20 years of research and development, we created our Apothederm line to offer the best in targeted solutions for everyday skin care concerns.  Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream is a fast absorbing lotion that can help reduce the appearance of red and silver stretch marks in as little as 2 weeks.  This product is formulated with patented SmartPeptide technology to help build collagen and smoothing skin texture.
            Clinically Proven:
            In a clinical study of 30 subjects conducted by a leading dermatologist,
  •        70% of participants had visble inmprovement in stetch marks in 14 days and           
  •         Over 90% saw overall improvement after twelve weeks of continued use. 
The study included new and old  stretch marks as well as red and silver stretch marks.*
            The product is fragrance free, paraben free and not tested on animals. 
I waited a week after I had my baby before I started to apply ApothedermStretch Mark Cream. I applied it on my belly and sides morning and night for 2 weeks, and another 4 weeks about half as diligently. Here is my experience:
  • It was easy to apply.
  • The silky smooth cream rubbed in nicely and felt soothing on my skin.
  • The silky smooth cream rubbed in nicely and felt soothing on my skin.
  • The cream left no film or stickiness – only soft skin.
  • The grooves created by the stretch marks on my belly leveled out substantially.
  • The stretch marks on my belly became slightly more silvery rather than red.
  •  You have to wait for the cream to dry completely before putting on clothing.
  • There was little to no change in the size of my stretch marks on my belly.
  • There was no change in the color or size of the stretch marks on my love handles.
  • The results were not as drastic as I had hoped they might be.
  • It is expensive – $89.95 for a 5.7oz bottle is a little hefty for a new mom.
The biggest improvement to my baby belly that the cream offered was the firming and leveling out it seemed to do to my skin. However my stretch marks are still, to my disappointment, ever present and visible. I also wonder how much of the improvement that I did see in my skin was due to the passing of time and baby weight loss? In any case, there will be no bikini wearing for me this season – ha! 😉
Maybe I’m just one of the unlucky few – you never know what this cream could do for you until you try it!

-Jami recently finished her bachelor’s degree and is now a stay-at-home home mommy to a 3 month old baby boy.  You can follow her adventures in parenting and life in general at   


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  1. I seen your confession and it sounds that you actually perform and treat your stretchmarks. But need some restriction before and after.Consider other side of the products that you have been using for long.I'm happy that you gladly overcome the labor.