For the Stylish Mom: Mother’s Day Gift Guide–Kiwi Smiling Feet–Review

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I’m a comfort shoe kind of girl. I have a history of trouble with my back and the shoes I wear make a world of difference in how my back feels.  When I began buying only very supportive and comfortable shoes a couple years ago I quickly learned that it is very difficult to find a pair of sleek, sophisticated looking shoes that also feel great; it is next to impossible if you are looking for heels.  So I ditched the heals–all except for one cute pair of pink sandals that I wear on rare occasions.
I recently discovered, much to the relief of the inner me who’d really like to wear cute stylish shoes, the Kiwi for Women line.  The Kiwi for Women line includes Kiwi Fresh’ins and Kiwi Smiling Feet.
I received samples from the Smiling Feet line which includes:
  • Ball of Foot Cushions: These provide lasting relief in the ball of your foot when you’re sporting those sexy heals.  The ball of your foot takes an awful lot of shock when you walk in heals.  The ball of foot cushions are meant absorb some of burning sensation resulting on the pressure on the balls of your feet.  These are a low profile, slim design and are designed for open and closed toed shoes.  These inserts are quite thin and are good for a little relief, but don’t count on them completely revolutionizing your stiletto experience.

  •  Gel Anti-Slip Pads:  The gel anti-slip pads keep your foot from sliding forward in your shoe.  I have a problem with this because I have very thin feet and it is difficult to find shoes that fit properly. It is particularly a problem when I’m wearing slides.  The anti-slip pads are great for keeping the ball of your foot in place.  These are an absolute necessity in the summer.
  • Heel Liners: The other day I was walking and the woman walking in front of me was wearing heals.  Every time she stepped her heal slipped out of her shoes just enough so that I could see her red, blistered heels.  She could have used a pair of these heel liners!  The heel liners protect the back of the heel from friction and keep the foot from sliding in and out of the shoe. They’re quite cushy.

  • 3 in 1 Comfort: These are my absolute favorite!  The 3 in 1 comfort has a heel cup that helps with balance and absorbs shock. There is a little arch support to provide comfort and relief–great for my ubber high arches. There is also support for the ball of the foot. They are clear so you can’t see them between your foot and shoe.
  • Ultra Slim gel insoles: The ultra slim gel insoles are ultra slim!  You can wear these with open or close toed shoes and be confident that the insole won’t be showing.  There is a nice cushion on both the ball of the foot and the heel.  I also like the moisture control layer–great for summer months!

If you are a mom who seeks greater comfort in your heels (the shoes and the feet, I mean) I’d highly recommend that you look into the KIWI Smiling Feet cushions.

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