For the Chocolate Loving Mom–Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Chuao Chocolatier ~ Review ~

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Are you a chocolate lover?  Most people I’ve met are.  Surprisingly, I’m not.  I mean, I like chocolate, but I just don’t savor and appreciate it the way some people do.  When it comes to cravings I’m a lover of spicy, salty snacks.  I decided, however, for the sake of women and mother’s everywhere, to include Chuao Chocolatier in my Mother’s Day Gift Guide.  Oh, how glad I am that I did!
Before I tell you just how beautiful this chocolate is I’m going to give you a little background on Chuao Chocolatier.
Chuao Chocolatier (pronounced chew-WOW) is the first Venezuelan Chocolatier based in the United States and Southern California’s premier artisan chocolatier.

Founded in 2002 by Master Chef Michael Antonorsi and his brother, CEO Richard Antonorsi, Chuao Chocolatier has pioneered “fusion chocolate” through a commitment to creating uniquely delicious chocolate experiences…
The Venezuelan brothers, now San Diego residents, named the company Chuao Chocolatier after the legendary cacao-producing region of Chuao located in central Venezuela to reflect their mission: to produce the highest quality chocolate confections using Venezuelan chocolate, European techniques and all natural ingredients.

Chuao Chocolatier is committed to the sustainablility and the revitalization of the Venezuelan cacao industry.  The company funds a growth initiative to provide Venezuelan cacao farmers funding to plant seedlings and training to increase the growth of their crops.  Also, because Venezuelan cacao is so sought after in the cacao industry farmers and workers are paid above market wages and receive fair treatment.
Now, on to the chocolate!
I received the Chuao Chocolate Bar Collection.  Each of the four bars in this collection is 60% cacao and has a very unique taste.  The flavor varieties include (be prepared for some very unique flavor combinations!):
  • Firecracker: Chipotle, Sea Salt, and Popping candy.
  • Spicy Maya: Pasilla Chile, Cayanne Pepper, and Cinnamon.
  • Honeycomb: Caramelized Honey.
  • Panko: Toasted Panko, and Sea Salt.
When I received these I knew they would be the perfect gift for my mother-in-law.  (I mentioned before that I’m not a huge chocolate buff.  Well, I was talking about milk chocolate.  I generally don’t like dark chocolate at all so I thought I’d have my mother-in-law sample the chocolate and tell me what she thought.)   My mother-in-law has a wonderful appreciation of dark chocolate and she’s not thrown off by adventurous flavor combinations.
She first tried the Spicy Maya.  I think the word was “Wow!” She loved the taste and “smooth” quality of the chocolate.  The chocolate has just a hint of spice that lingers in your mouth and throat.  The spice is enough to be recognized but not spicy enough to turn off someone who likes only mild spice.
Next, she tried the Firecracker.  Her reaction was such that I had to try it for myself.  One bite and I was hooked!  I actually stole the rest of the bar (with permission, of course).  As a person who absolutely has no interest in dark chocolate, I can honestly say that this was both delicious and fun to eat.  The sea salt balances out the bitterness of the dark chocolate and gives milder flavor, the chipotle leaves a mild lingering spice, and the popping candy (think Pop Rocks) is a nice little party in your mouth. 
Chuao Chocolates has three chocolate cafes in the San Diego area.  You can find their chocolates at various retailers nationwide.  The Chuao Chocolate Bar Collection can be purchased for $19.95.

Disclosure: I was provided with the above mentioned company or PR firm at no charge to myself, in order to facilitate a review.  The opinions expressed are honest and are entirely my own.


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