DownEast Basics Swimwear ~ Review ~

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I was so excited when I learned that I had the opportunity to review DownEast Basics swimwear.  I live in Utah and there are DownEast stores everywhere.  Their clothing is both trendy and modest–a combination that can’t be beat. 

I’m outside a lot in the summer and there is no summer activity I love more than a cool swim (well, it’s more like a series of repeated cool splashes when you have kids).  I spend a lot of time in a swim suit during the summer.
I mentioned that there are quite a few DownEast Basic stores where I live (3 within just a few miles to be exact) so I decided to go to the store an try on the suits before ordering mine.  I am very glad I did because trying on the swim suits and finding a size and style that would fit my body was a little frustrating.  I thought I’d let my experiences be a guide to helping you find the perfect DownEast Basics swim suit for your body.


Tips to know for getting a great fit:
  • The swimsuits run a little small.  I’d guess they are comparable to junior sizes and cuts (thinner hips, smaller busts).  To get a little personal, I am a size 4-6 in pants and usually wear a size small shirt.  I am average to small chested.  I felt that everything fit a size smaller.  I ordered a Medium top and bottom and they fit great.
  • The tops are nice and long, providing a sexy, modest look.
  • The swimsuit material is thick, high quality and doesn’t have the same amount of stretch that some swimsuits do.  This makes getting the swimsuit on and off a little more of a work out.  However, it also means the suit keeps it’s shape, is flattering, and will last longer.
  • The Sausalito and Sea Harbor styles are made for small chested women.  This was the most frustrating thing when trying on the swimsuits.  The bust of the swimsuit is not cut low enough to “contain” the natural bustline.  It kind of cuts across the bust instead of supporting everything.  That being said, I loved and chose the Silver Stripe Suasalito, so apparently it wasn’t that big of a drawback.
  • The different swimsuit bottom styles provide different amounts of coverage.  I’ve had a couple kids and am not in the best shape of my life.  I think the description commonly used is “mom body”<—-yep, I have one.  I thought the Bodega Bay Bikini bottoms provided the most coverage (they all tend to sit a little low).  The Wave Rider bikini provided the least amount of coverage in the rear.
  • The sizing goes from XX-Small to XX-Large so chances are DownEast Basic will have your size.

With all that in mind you should be able to pick out a swimsuit that “suits” you.  If, for any reason the swimsuit doesn’t fit DownEast honors all returns and exchanges providing it has the original tags and hygiene liners are in tact. 

So here is the combo I got: 

Absolutely LOVE the white and silver together. Even looks good on my pale skin.

Cute, eh?  Well, you can check out the 2011 swimwear line at and at DownEast’s sister company Modbe.

Buy It:
DownEast Swim retails for $32.99 for tops, $24.99 for bottoms, and various prices for skirts. Modbe swimsuit tops retail for $48 and the bottoms for $26.


Disclosure: I was provided with the above mentioned products by the company, at no charge to myself, in order to facilitate a review.  The opinions expressed are honest and are entirely my own.


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