Attention Couponers, The Tornado Victims Need You!

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Rasha at wrote a wonderful post the other day.  Many of you have friends and family that were affected by the recent tornadoes that raged through the south and mid-west last week.  Perhaps you yourself were affected. You may have been asking yourself what you can possible do to help. I wanted to share that post with you.

Many of us don’t have money to donate, but I know a lot of you out there are couponers.  Rasha has written a great post on the great good you can do with the stockpiles you’ve built.

Read it Here:


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  1. Karen Greenberg says
    I love this post! In a time when so many families are facing hard times themselves, it makes it hard to help others. However, this is a perfect alternative. By sharing something that you already have (stockpile goods) or already do (coupons that can be helpful), a family can give more than they thought possible. I appreciate you bringing something to the front of our thoughts when it seemed like the country had forgotten.

    Stopping by from the Thirsty Thursday. I hope you have a terrific week!
  2. SAPsMaMa says
    I'm not a "couponer" but for the past couple months I've been signing up for freebies and samples and coupons often come with those! I don't often need the samples so I could donate a bunch of samples that I have to help some people out, thanks for the suggestion!