The Professor Retires

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Today is a BIG day…but not for me.  Today my father-in-law will teach his final college class!
Well, people retire all the time, what’s the biggie?  Not much biggie, unless you consider the fact that he has been a professor at Brigham Young University for 54 years!  Yep, that says 54 years.  I’m pretty sure that makes him the longest teaching professor at BYU…ever.  He has finally decided, at 82 years old (in a couple weeks), that it is time to pass on the mantle so he can spend more time writing and fishing.

Can I just tell you that my father-in-law is one of the most amazing men I’ve met.  My father-in-law spent his childhood during the great depression, and you can tell.  He is really the most unselfish, hard working, dutiful man I’ve ever met–qualities that seem to be getting harder to come by these days.  He’s a hard teacher, there’s no denying that.  One of the reasons he gives for his retirement is that he, “just doesn’t understand these kids.  They feel so entitled!” 🙂  Yes, I agree, for the most part we do act that way.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know how much I respect and love my father-in-law!

Not that I’m plugging or anything (of course I am, why wouldn’t I :), but he’s also written a WONDERFUL book. I may or may not have cried…several times…while reading it.


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